How to Watch YouTube TV on Philips Smart TV in 2022? [Updated]

Today’s write-up is all about the famous YouTube TV. It is also a streaming service which is offered by Google. It has tons of features. And cord cutters can definitely rely on the YouTube TV app as it has almost all categories of channels and add-ons. Let us detail on How to watch YouTube TV on Philips Smart TV.

About YouTube TV

As the name mentions YouTube TV is offered by YouTube which is under the service of Google. Everybody knows about YouTube as a video app. The YouTube TV app is somewhat similar to it.  The YouTube TV app is an online streaming service. It offers live TV, news, sports, etc.. via the 85+ channels package. You can also get to stream YouTube trending videos, Originals and umpteen. It also has umpteen features such as DVR storage, one account with many user profiles, video features such as pause, fast forward, etc… This is how the list of features goes. Many devices support the YouTube TV app.

Subscription plans of YouTube TV

YouTube TV gives users to access it via only one subscription package which costs $64.99/month. And to know how it works, the users can make use of the free trial period. And there are even add-ons available. If a particular channel isn’t available as a part of the package you can go for the add-ons. Each add-on service costs differently.

Guide to Watch YouTube TV on Philips Smart TV

YouTube TV is supported by almost all devices. And in this list, Philips Smart TV is also one, which denotes that the user can watch and enjoy YouTube TV on Philips Smart TV. Let us have a look at what should we do to get it easily! We will be looking into various ways because each method depends on the OS of the Philips TV.

Tricks to Add YouTube TV on Philips Android Smart TV

Step1: First and foremost, you have to power on your Philips Smart TV and establish internet connectivity.

Step2: Look out for the Playstore.

Step3: Tap open the respective Playstore.

Step4: Search for the YouTube TV App.

Youtube TV on Philips Smart TV

Step5: Tap the app from the results and go to its App info page.

Step6: Then install the YouTube TV App.

Step7: After few moments, you can see the YouTube TV app is loaded on your Philips Smart TV.

Step8: Open the YouTube TV App, Sign in and start streaming.

Tricks to Add YouTube TV on Philips Roku TV

The following steps will resemble the way you install an app in your Roku player.

Step1: As usual you have to power on your Philips Roku TV and connect it to an internet source.

Step2: From your home screen, get to the section of Streaming channels.

Youtube TV on Philips Smart TV

Step3: Search for the YouTube TV app and click it.

Step4: By tapping on the Add channel button you can get the app installed on your Philips Roku TV.

Step5: After installation, just launch the app and Sign in, and streaming it.

How to Add YouTube TV on Philips TV using USB?

In this method, we can make use of a USB Drive to add the YouTube TV app.

Step1: Browse any trusted app website on your PC.

Step2: Download the safe YouTube TV apk package.

Step3: After downloading the apk package, copy it to the external USB Drive.

Step4: Demount the USB drive from your PC.

Step5: Associate your USB drive to your Philips TV.

Youtube TV on Philips Smart TV

Step6: Now on your Philips TV, go for the File Manager app.

Step7: Search for the apk file of the YouTube TV.

Step8: Click it and install it.

Step9: After adding the YouTube TV app on Philips TV you can sign in and binge-watching.


To conclude, these are the possible ways to get the YouTube TV app on any model of Philips Smart TV irrespective of their OS. And to talk about the older model of Philips TV you can definitely rely on the Casting method using Android or PC. It depends on the device which you are comfortable in using. Hoping that we have helped you out. Thank you for reading.

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