How to Stream Youtube TV on Google TV in 2023? [Updated Guide]

The Google TV platform is owned by three major tech companies such as Intel, Sony, and Logitech. Google TV runs on the Android web Operating System. The integration of the Google Chrome web browser and Android operating system makes it much simpler and easier for the user to access anything done on a smartphone. You can literally do everything that you do with your smartphone on this Google TV on a big screen. When Google TV was launched, many cable TV service providers were not happy about it. They denied access to all of its contents to Google TV devices. NBC, ABC, Viacom, Fox, CBS, and Hulu blocked Google TV from accessing its web contents. In this article, we will help on gaining knowledge on how to stream YouTube TV on Google TV. Please do go through the article completely to successfully stream YouTube TV on Google TV.

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What is YouTube TV?

One of the major streaming television services and on-demand video services based in America is YouTube TV. YouTube TV’s expansive Live TV channels, TV shows, Movies, Comedy, Documentaries, Sports, and News attract a lot of buyers. It offers an excellent interface wherein it is very simple for users to access. Users can browse through loads of categories to find the show they wish to watch. YouTube TV is almost compatible with every device available in the market.

Subscription plans of YouTube TV

The subscription plan for YouTube TV comes around $64.99/month and with this subscription, users get to avail themselves of a lot of other benefits and a wide range of access to the expansive library of YouTube TV.

Features of YouTube TV

  • YouTube TV has an excellent graphical user interface and it is very simple to usage.
  • DVR features are great when compared to other services.
  • Loads of sports, news, comedy, and entertainment channels.
  • Compatible with almost every device.

Features of Google TV

  • The best arrangement of entertainment which a user wishes to stream.
  • Personalized Live TV features
  • Easy surfing and accessing through Google Voice Assistant.
  • Lots of Live TV channels.
  • Theatre-like experience at home.

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Is YouTube TV available on Google TV?

As long as the user has an active subscription to YouTube TV, the user can access all the contents on Google TV. To stream YouTube TV on Google TV by following any of the methods listed below.

How to stream YouTube TV on Google TV?

Method 1: (Direct Method)

Step1: Connect your Google TV device to your TV using the HDMI cable.

Step2: Turn on your TV.

Step3: On the Home Screen of your Google TV you will find YouTube TV.

Step4: Click on it and if you have a subscribed account enter your security credentials.

Step5: You can navigate to various channels and live TV using the Google TV remote or Google voice assistant.

Method 2: (Using Android/ iOS devices to Chromecast)

Step1: Ensure that your Chromecast and your device are connected to the same network.

Step2: Download the YouTube TV app from the store and launch it.

Youtube TV on Google TV

Step3: Tap on the cast label which is on the top corner of the App.

Youtube TV on Google TV

Step4: Choose the right Chromecast device.

Step5: The cast label turns into blue color to show it’s connected.

Step6: Thus, the setup is complete. Enjoy streaming any media.

Method 3: (Casting through PC)

Step1: Visit the website

Step2: Using the short Windows+P open the screen mirroring window.

Step3: Click on the Connect to a Wireless display label.

Youtube TV on Google TV

Step4: Select the right device from the available devices.

Step5: Click any media, series and start streaming.

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  • Does Google TV have YouTube TV?

As long as the user has an active subscription to YouTube TV, the user can access all the contents on TV. Users can stream by any of the methods listed above.

  • Can I watch YouTube TV using Chromecast?

Yes, users can watch YouTube TV using Chromecast. We have started out the process on how to watch YouTube TV using Chromecast above. Please check that out.

  • Can I use Google Pay for YouTube TV?

For subscribing or for any add on users can use Google pay. Users can also gift YouTube TV subscriptions to their friends.

  • Is Hulu better than YouTube TV?

Comparing Hulu and YouTube TV, the latter has more channels when compared to the former.

  • Is YouTube TV available in the US?

YouTube TV is available in all the regions of the United States of America.

  • How much is Google TV per month?

Google TV is an on-demand video streaming service that costs around $65 per month.

  • Is Netflix available on Google TV?

Netflix is available on Google TV. Users can Chromecast Netflix too.

  • Is Google TV better than Roku?

Both have their own pros and cons but Google TV is feature-packed where the Roku TV’s interface is very clean and user friendly.

Final Words

In this article we have seen what is Google TV, What is YouTube TV, Subscription plans of YouTube TV, Features of YouTube TV and Google TV, Streaming YouTube TV on Google TV, and Frequently asked questions on YouTube TV. We hope that you would have got a clear vision on how to stream YouTube TV on Google TV. Thanks for going through patiently.

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