How to Watch YouTube TV App on Sony Smart TV in 2023? [Updated Guide]

Today we will deal with an interesting write-up. You people might have heard of YouTube. YouTube TV is an elevated form that offers an online streaming platform. You can watch movies, shows, series, news and etc… With added features. Want to know more! Follow this article on How to watch YouTube TV App on Sony Smart TV.

About YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an American-based online streaming service. It is under the service of YouTubewhich is under Google. YouTube TV as a pay-tv service offers 85+ channels to binge-in. And people of all ages can stick to YouTube TV as it broadcasts top channels and wide categories of channels that cover entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle, Spanish, kids, and a lot more. Not only channels, but its features are also exciting such as cloud DVR, record shows, multiple user IDs for an account, etc…  There is no contract or something. And the YouTube TV app availability is great in that it is supported on a variety of devices.

Cost of YouTube TV

The YouTube TV has only one subscription plan which costs 64.99/month. And you don’t have to create an account. You should use your Google account itself. New users will have a free trial. And above all you people can have add-ons.

Tricks to Watch YouTube TV App on Sony Smart TV

YouTube TV is available for streaming on multiple devices and platforms. This encompasses Smart TV as well. And since the operating system of Sony Smart TVs is widely Android TV, the users can stream YouTube TV easily on their Sony Smart TVs. The following section will show you the steps clearly.

Steps to Add YouTube TV on Sony Smart TV

Step1: Begin by, turning on your Sony Smart TV. And then, connect it to your source of internet.

Step2: See that you go to the home screen of your Sony Smart TV.

Step3: Go to the Apps section.

Step4: Here you have to click and launch the Google PlayStore.

Youtube TV App on Sony TV

Step5: Try to locate the Search bar.

Youtube TV App on Sony TV

Step6: In the search space, you have to enter the app name you are searching for. In this case, you have to type in as YouTube TV.

Step7: From the list, choose the YouTube TV app. You will be taken to the app info page.

Step8: Here select the install button.

Step9: This will add the YouTube TV app on your Sony Smart TV within few seconds.

Step10: No more steps to define, you have to sign in to YouTube TV and have access to lots of fun via streaming it on your Sony Smart TV.

Steps to set up YouTube TV on Sony Smart TV

The activation of an app is way more important. And every Smart TV user knows it well. Follow this section and activate YouTube TV on Sony Smart TV.

Step1: After installing the YouTube TV app, click open it.

Step2: Get to the Settings then.

Step3: To generate the activation code, the users have to opt for the Link TV with code option.

Step4: On any other device, browse the official site of YouTube TV for activation.

Step5: Then Sign in and type in the activation code in the required field.

Step6: Tap Next.

Step7: Hence you have successfully set up the YouTube TV App on Sony Smart TV.

Ending the Article

To end, YouTube is an app that is on the top list to watch videos, movies, shows, DIYs, and whatnot. But to talk about YouTube TV is way more than that. It is an online streaming service. Many people are aware of that. And hope you people can have seamless streaming of YouTube TV on your Sony Smart TV. And I missed something. If you find difficulties in installing or streaming the YouTube TV app you can go for the screen sharing or screen mirroring option.  And thank you for reading this article. Stay tuned for more updates.

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