YouTube TV App on LG Smart TV: How to Install and Watch [Updated 2023]

Nowadays, we are considering the online streaming platform as a virtual universe of fun. You can watch everything you love with no time limit. There are millions of smart apps and devices which can be designed for entertainment purposes. For this purpose, there are one finest smart TV brands known as LG Smart TV. This LG Smart TV offers many features such as built-in processors with one hardware unit and operating system that are used for innovation and customization purposes to provide the best service for your needs. This article helps you to get an idea about how to watch YouTube TV App on LG Smart TV.

About YouTube TV

YouTube TV App on LG Smart TV

Now coming to the topic which is YouTube TV. Actually, YouTube TV is an American-based streaming platform that is only available in the United States. YouTube TV is owned by YouTube company and Google is the secondary partner for YouTube TV. There are 3 Million subscribers for YouTube TV. It provides on-demand media content, Live TV shows, cloud-based DVR through 85 television networks. It offers the users to store their favorite content for nine months with unlimited storage capacity. You can use six accounts on one subscription and three members can watch at the same time.

YouTube TV provides many features and services for its subscribers. It offers you to stream live shows, news networks, Live sports events than other features and services for $65/month. Then there are no extra hidden charges in the YouTube TV subscription plans. If you’re using this for the first time, YouTube TV lets you to watch free for seven days. Now the YouTube TV cost has slightly risen over the period of years but the usage of YouTube TV is still competitive with other online streaming services.

Is YouTube TV on LG Smart TV?

Presently, YouTube TV App is only available for the particular models of LG Smart TVs which came after the year 2016 and later. For old model LG Smart TVs, you can use the casting option. So here comes the procedures, to know how to stream YouTube TV on LG Smart TV as follows.

Guide to Watch YouTube TV App on LG Smart TV

If you want to use YouTube TV on LG Smart TV, then you can download it directly from the LG Content Store. Here are the steps are given below.

Step1: Switch on your LG Smart TV and make sure it has a good internet connection.

Step2: Get into the LG Content Store with the help of your TV remote.

Step3: Tap on the search bar and type the app name YouTube TV.

Step4: Click on the arrow button on your remote to select YouTube TV from the search results.

Youtube TV App on LG Smart TV

Step5: Then tap on the Install button.

Step6: After the installation process, your YouTube TV App is ready to launch by clicking Open on your LG Smart TV. Now start to watch you love.

Youtube TV App on LG Smart TV

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Activate YouTube TV App on LG Smart TV

Once you installed your YouTube TV on LG Smart TV. Then you’ve to activate the YouTube TV by following the steps given below.

Steps to Activate YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

Step1: Get into the YouTube TV App on your LG Smart TV.

Step2: Move on to the Setting section and tap on the Link TV with Code.

Youtube TV on LG Smart TV

Step3: It displays an Activation Code on the TV screen.

Youtube TV on LG Smart TV

Step4: Get into the Google Activation Site on your Web browser.

Step5: Type the code in the text space bar and tap on the Continue option.

Step6: Then Log in to your google account which has your YouTube TV Subscription.

Step7: As of now, your YouTube TV App on your TV will refresh and starts displaying its contents.

How to Get YouTube TV on Older LG Smart TV?

If you’re using the LG old model smart TV which came before 2016, then you can use the Casting Method for streaming YouTube TV App. Steps are given below,

Step1: Switch on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

Step2: Check your Smart Phone and LG Smart TV connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step3: Then locate YouTube TV App on your smartphone, make sure you’re signed in to your subscribed account.

Step4: Click on a video that you want to watch.

Step5: Tap on the Casting Icon on the smartphone.

Step6: Then it’ll scan for the nearby available devices.

Step7: Select the LG Smart TV which will be displayed on the smartphone after scanning.

Step8: Then couple it, Now the smartphone screen will be displayed on the LG Smart TV and you can start to watch.

Final Words

YouTube TV App is a magnificent online live streaming platform. It provides the best media content for its subscribers. Then it has good DVR Capabilities. Mostly YouTube TV has a separate fan base because it offers complete local network coverage which is 98% of United States TV households. So you can choose a method that accessible to your LG Smart TV OS. Hope this article gives you useful information about how to stream YouTube TV on LG Smart TV. Thank you for spending your precious minutes with our article.

Frequently asked questions

Does LG Smart TV have App Store?

Definitely yes, you can use LG Content Store on LG Smart TV by inserting the name of an app that you want to look for.

Is YouTube TV worth the money?

Yes, YouTube TV offers you to watch the world’s best video content for only $65/month. So it is worth every dollar you pay. For more details, you can go through the above article regarding YouTube TV.

Does YouTube TV charge for free trial?

Actually, every user can easily get a free trial of YouTube TV. There’s no hidden charge for the YouTube TV for a free trial. You can get more information about YouTube TV by reading the above-mentioned article fully.

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