How to Install and Watch WWE Network on PS5 in 2023?

Watching a show that is dramatic by a sport will be the greatest entertainment ever. It’s not entertainment, it’s Sports entertainment. If you hear the word Sports entertainment, you’ll think of one great service which is WWE Network. Our today’s article is going to be about the WWE Network service. Accessing WWE Network will be easy and you’ll get some procedures to access it in our article. In our article, you’ll get the steps on how to install the WWE Network app on PS5.

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What is WWE Network?

WWE on PS5

WWE Network (World Wrestling Entertainment Network) is the streaming service and television network the sports entertainment network WWE Network. WWE Network was first launched in the US on the 24th of February, 2014. You can stream Live content of WWE Network on the WWE Network app. The platforms that support the WWE Network app are Android mobiles, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sony Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Features Of WWE Network App

The following are some of the features of the WWE Network app.

  • Stream Live from WWE Network, Documentaries, Reality Shows, Original Series, in-ring specials.
  • Subscription-based and free tier facilities are available.
  • More than 15,000 titles are available for the free tiers.
  • New contents will be included every week.
  • On-demand programmings are available for nearly 1000s of hours.
  • Old pay-per-view events are available.
  • Weekly highlights for free tiers.

And so on.

Subscription Plans of WWE Network App

You can access the WWE Network app for even free and monthly pack. The monthly pack of the WWE Network App is $9.99/month.

How to Create a Free Account on WWE Network App?

Here is the procedure to create a free account in the WWE Network app.

Step1: Browse on any compatible web browser.

Step2: Then prefer the Start Watching Now option.

Step3: Now provide your email address and a new password.

Step4: Finally, sign up for an account on the WWE Network app.

Now you can access all the features available for free tiers.

How to Get Started and Subscribe on WWE Network App?

Follow this procedure if you’re going to create a new account and subscribe to the WWE Network app.

Step1: Browse Visit

Step2: Then choose Subscribe Now.

Step3: Append your email address and a new password.

Step4: Then hit Create Account.

Step5: Now provide your first and last name. Then hit Next.

Step6: Append your Billing address and press Next.

Step7: Now attach your payment method and sign up for an account.

Now you’ve created an account and subscribed to the WWE Network app.

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Is WWE Network App Available on PS5?

Yes, the WWE Network app is available for PlayStation 5. So you can easily install the WWE Network app on PlayStation 5 from the Store. The upcoming procedure will guide you to install the WWE Network app on PS5.

How to Install WWE Network App on PS5?

Here comes the procedure on how to install the WWE Network app on your PlayStation 5.

Step1: Couple your TV and PlayStation 5 game console. Then power on them.

Step2: Allow your PlayStation 5 game console to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Step3: Select the Media tab and choose the All Apps icon on your PlayStation 5 game console.

WWE on PS5

Step4: Then find the WWE Network app on your PlayStation 5.

WWE on PS5

Step5: Now prefer the Download option and wait for the WWE Network app to be installed on your PlayStation 5.

Step6: Then sign in to the WWE Network app with your credentials and start watching.

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How to Cancel WWE Network App Subscription?

The following procedure will be helpful only if you have subscribed to the WWE Network app on its official website. Here is the procedure to cancel the subscription plan of the WWE Network app.

Step1: Browse the given link:

Step2: Log in with your credentials.

Step3: Move to your Account Summary.

Step4: Scroll down on that page until you see the Cancel option. Choose the Cancel option.

Step5: Then follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

Final Verdict

The WWE Network app is the platform where the WWE fans are able to stream Live and old content of all their favorites of WWE. We have given the steps to watch WWE on PS5. Enjoy WWE Network on the big screen with the help of PS5.

Thank you.

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