What Channel is TSN on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Life is a reality to be experienced; let’s get to intrude this best post to know about the channel number and information about the availability of TSN on DirecTV streaming devices. Here’s a way how to get the availability of the TSN channel on DirecTV streaming service and alternative options to get the TSN channel.

A review on TSN

This TSN streaming network is the best streaming network to watch the life and recorded sporting events. Not only live and recorded sports but also you can watch the commentary, highlights, discussions, pre-match analysis, scores, sports news updates, and more on the TSN streaming network.

Through this TSN streaming network, you can have the live streams of the Super Bowl, MLB, NFL, NBA, CFL, NHL, and a lot more sports elements on the TSN streaming network. Hence, you can watch this TSN on the TSN Direct for the cost of $24.99 as a monthly subscription package to use TSN.


This DirecTV streaming service is a valid companion to spend your boredom time watching a lot more video stuff through this DirecTV streaming device. Then this DirecTV streaming service offers us to stream the 10,000 plus live streams, video-on-demand stuff, movies, series, and more.

Besides, you can have unlimited access to cloud DVR storage of DirecTV streaming service to store your favorite movies, and series to watch whenever you want. There are a lot more popular channels included in this DirecTV streaming such as NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and more on DirecTV.

The subscription packages for DirecTV streaming service are:

  • Entertainment: The cost of this Entertainment Package is $69.99 with 65+ channels and 20 hours of DVR.
  • Choice: The cost of this Choice Package is $89.99 with 90+ channels and 20 hours of DVR.
  • Ultimate: The cost of this Ultimate Package is $104.99 with 130+ channels and 20 hours of DVR.
  • Premier: The cost of this Premier Package is $139.99 with 140+ channels and 20 hours of DVR.

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On what Channel is TSN on DirecTV?

In the past days, the TSN channel was obtainable on the DirecTV streaming service and its channel number is given below

Streaming service Name: DirecTV

Channel Name: TSN

Airing on: 774-776

But now, there is a contradictory argument arises about whether TSN is there or not. So you can give a try the above-mentioned channel number to get TSN on the DirecTV streaming service.

Alternative streaming service to get TSN

There are some alternative streaming services that have TSN on their channel lineup and you can give it a try.

Streaming service Name: Shaw Direct

Channel Name: TSN

Airing on: 135-139/ 421-425 (SD)

98-102/598-602 (HD)

Streaming service Name: Bell Satellite TV

Channel Name: TSN

Airing on: 400-404 (SD) / 1400-1404 (HD)

So you can give a try for this given streaming service to get the TSN on its channel lineup.

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Informative Tip to get TSN

You can watch the TSN’s streaming through the TSN Go app free of cost with the TSN subscription. Likewise, you can use the TSN Direct subscription packages. The Day pass of TSN Direct costs $7.99 for 24 hours, a Month Pass of TSN Direct costs $19.99/month, and the Annual Pass of TSN Direct costs $199.90/year. So make sure to try this TSN Direct to watch the TSN channel contents on your Smart devices. The smart device which has access to stream TSN are window, Android Phones, and tablets then iOS Phones and tablets. After that Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and PC through TSN.ca/Live.

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Features of DirecTV

This DirecTV streaming service allows you to have 20 simultaneous streams on different 20 devices. Then you can have 20 hours of cloud DVR storage which will last for solid 90 days. And if you want to access the unlimited cloud DVR storage means you’ve to pay an extra $10 for that feature. Along with this, you can use this DirecTV streaming service on different devices. They are Amazon devices such as Fire TV, Firestick and Fire Cube, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, and Android and iOS devices.

Final Passage

Here, we get into the final passage of this best article to know the information about the streaming process of the TSN channel on DirecTV’s streaming service. We have discussed all the options to get stream the TSN application and its contents. Thence, we felt pleased to have your arrival on this post about what channel is TSN on DirecTV streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different TSN channels?

There is some division of the TSN channel are present in the streaming channel section. They are TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5 are the different channels of the TSN streaming platform.

IS TSN Go free?

Yes, absolutely, you can use this TSN Go application for free of cost with the subscription of TSN Direct. And you can get this TSN Go on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with the Android and iOS devices.

What can I watch with TSN Direct?

You can watch a vast collection of live sporting events on this TSN Direct content section. They are Tennis, NHL, MLB, Golf, F1, MLS, CFL, NBA, and other sports elements on TSN Direct.

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