What Channel is the Eagles Game on Spectrum? [2022]

Choose your direction to achieve success; here we are in this successive article which is used to know about the channel networks that stream the Eagles game on the Spectrum channel lineup. Through this post, you can have an idea about what channel is the eagles game on Spectrum TV provider.

An outline of the eagles game

Now, let us start to know about the eagles game which is the live streaming of the Philadelphia Eagles team’s gameplay. Then, the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles team is in the South Philadelphia of Lincoln Financial Field and its headquarters is in NovaCare Complex.

After that, “Fly, Eagles Fly” which is the fight song of the Philadelphia Eagles team, and the team color of the Philadelphia Eagles is Silver, Black, White, and Midnight green as its name implies like eagles. Then, this Philadelphia Eagles team appears 28 times in the NFL Playoffs. So, you can watch the Philadelphia Eagles team game through the upcoming channel networks on the Spectrum channel lineup.

A profile of Spectrum

Here, let us intrude to know about the Spectrum streaming provider, which gives you all access to the entertainment elements of its content library. By getting this Spectrum, you can have live streaming channel networks such as sports, news, entertainment, kids, and then also video-on-demands.

Likewise, there is no extra cost applied to get subscribed for getting the Spectrum TV provider. And this Spectrum is always visible with its subscription plans, here we are leading to consider the subscription info of Spectrum TV provider, now continue to read the following packs of Spectrum.

The alpha pack of Spectrum is Spectrum TV Select which charges $44.99/month then its agreement for 12 months and it adds 125+ channels.

Then the beta pack of Spectrum is Spectrum TV Silver which charges $69.99/month then its agreement is for 12 months and it adds 175+ channels.

The gamma pack of Spectrum is Spectrum TV Gold which charges $89.99/month then its agreement for 12 months and it adds 200+ channels.

Here, aforesaid packs are known as subscription packs of Spectrum TV provider.

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On What Channel is the Eagles Game on Spectrum?

For instance, you can easily find the required channel network and certain numbers of specified cities in the USA to stream the eagles game on the Spectrum channel lineup.

TV service Name: Spectrum

Channel Name: ABC

Airing on:

Orlando, FL –> 7

Houston, TX –> 13, 781

Raleigh, NC –> 9

Cleveland, OH –> 5, 1005

Columbus, TX –> 13

California, CL –> 7, 707

Albertville, AL –> 9, 709

Charlotte, NC –> 4

Denton, TX –> 8

Newport, Oregon –> 2

Greensboro, NC –> 7

Greenville, SC –> 13

Dallas, TX –> 8

Dayton, Ohio –> 11

Channel Name: NBC

Airing on:

Tampa, FL –> 8

Orlando, FL–> 4

Columbia, SC –> 3

Florence, SC –> 10

Channel Name: FOX

Airing on:

Portland, Maine –> 4

Orlando, Florida –> 3

Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas –> 5

Raleigh, North Carolina –> 13

San Antonia, Texas –> 11

Channel Name: CBS

Airing on:

Austin, Texas –> 5

Tampa, Florida –> 10

Cleveland, Ohio –> 4

San Diego, California –> 8

Channel Name: NFL Network

Airing on:

Montgomery, Alabama –> 15, 822

Los Angeles, California –> 310

Grand Junction, Colorado –> 38, 625

Indianapolis, Indiana –> 83

Midland, Michigan –> 37, 711

Saint Charles, Missouri –>15, 802

Great Falls, Montana –> 17, 625

Lincoln, Nebraska –> 99

Cincinnati, Ohio –> 346

Maryville, Tennessee –> 22, 826

El Paso, Texas –> 94, 310

Orlando Florida –> 101

Louisville, Kentucky –> 547

Carson City, Nevada –> 14, 800

Creswell, Oregon –> 18, 807

Wapato, Washington –> 20, 807

Madison, Wisconsin –> 15, 669

Athens, Georgia –> 20, 822

Sartell, Minnesota –> 14, 802

Brooklyn, New York –> 310

Cheyenne, Wyoming –> 17, 625

Yuma, Arizona –> 310

Camp, Lejeune, North Carolina –> 15, 822

Channel Name: ESPN

Airing on: 39 (28)

Austin, TX –> (52-53)

Albany, NY–> (24-25)

Akron, OH –> (32-33)

Lexington, KY –> (27-28)

Greenville, MI –> (34-35)

Albertville, AL –> (31-32)

Columbia, SC –> (26-27)

Dallas City, OR –> (29-30)

Bourg, LA –> (31-32)

Carson City, NV –> (33-34)

Channel name: Nickelodeon

Airing on: 192

Above all, you can access the channel network with its numbers as aforesaid to watch the Philadelphia Eagles team games on Spectrum TV provider lineup.

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Features of Spectrum

Now, let us know about the features of Spectrum. This Spectrum allows us to schedule favorite video elements for recording. Meanwhile, you can use up the DVR cloud storage for 300 hours of SD quality and 75 hours of HD streaming quality. Then, there are no invisible pay plans included in the Spectrum streaming provider. Hence, the features of Spectrum TV provider.

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Wind Up

To sum up, we are going to wind up this fine write-up which is used to know the channel networks that can stream the eagles game on the Spectrum channel lineup.

In the above passages, we have noted the channel numbers of sports channels that can stream the NFL games such as the Eagles games. Hence, we are here to express our great feeling about your arrival on this post what channel is the eagles game on the Spectrum channel lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the Eagles game on today?

In short, you can easily stream the Eagles game on your Smart TV through the channel networks. Then the channels are NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, Nickelodeon, and others.

How can I watch the Philadelphia Eagles game?

Certainly, you can watch the Philadelphia Eagles team games through its own application named as Philadelphia Eagles app. Then it presents on the play store or app store and you can use sports channel networks.

How can watch NFL on Spectrum?

With this Spectrum TV provider, you can have a well-built streaming experience. Then this can give you all the access to stream the NFL games through its channel lineup. Therefore, you can have all the channels to watch the NFL games on Spectrum as aforesaid.

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