What Channel is the Cowboys game on Spectrum? [2022]

Be always real and simple; here is a real and simple article to find the channel and its numbers to stream the Cowboys team games on the Spectrum streaming platform. Read through this article to know the exact information about what channel is the Cowboys game on the Spectrum channel lineup.

A glance over the Cowboys game

Now, let us consider this Dallas Cowboys team gameplay. This Dallas Cowboy team is from the Dallas of Fort Worth Metroplex. Then this Dallas Cowboy is present in the division of East and in National Football Conference. Likewise, the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboy team is Texas – Frisco.

After that, this Dallas Cowboys team is powered by Jerry Jones. Moreover, the nicknames of Dallas Cowboys teams are Big D, The ‘Boys, Doomsday Defense, and America’s Team and its stadium is AT&T Stadium. Consequently, you can watch every match of the Dallas Cowboys team through the Sports channels and sports streaming applications using the TV provider.

A short passage on Spectrum

Spectrum TV Provider is an exclusive streaming service platform. Then this Spectrum streaming platform has its own streaming application which is known as the Spectrum TV app. After that, you can have long listings of featured channel lineups and video-on-demand content.

Through this Spectrum TV provider, you can utilize the Parental Control features on its user interface. Meanwhile, let us breeze in to know the subscription details of Spectrum TV provider with its features and benefits. Then the subscription packs of Spectrum are,

Spectrum TV Select – $44.99/month for 12 months – 125+ channels.

Spectrum TV Silver – $69.99/month for 12 months – 175+ channels.

And, Spectrum TV Gold – $89.99/month for 12 months – 200+ channels.

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On What Channel is the Cowboys game on Spectrum?

You can have all the required channel details and its specified number to stream the Cowboys team gameplay on your Spectrum TV provider. So, make sure to read through all the below-given channel and their numbers to have the Dallas Cowboys game.

Streaming service Name: Spectrum

Channel Name: NFL Network

Airing on:

Montgomery, Alabama – 15, 822

Los Angeles, California – 310

Grand Junction, Colorado = 38, 625

Indianapolis, Indiana – 83

Midland, Michigan – 37, 711

Saint Charles, Missouri – 15, 802

Great Falls, Montana – 17, 625

Lincoln, Nebraska – 99

Cincinnati, Ohio – 346

Maryville, Tennessee – 22, 826

El Paso, Texas – 94, 310

Orlando Florida – 101

Louisville, Kentucky – 547

Carson City, Nevada – 14, 800

Creswell, Oregon – 18, 807

Wapato, Washington – 20, 807

Madison, Wisconsin – 15, 669

Athens, Georgia – 20, 822

Sartell, Minnesota – 14, 802

Brooklyn, New York – 310

Cheyenne, Wyoming – 17, 625

Yuma, Arizona – 310

Camp, Lejeune, North Carolina – 15, 822

Channel Name: NBC

Airing on:

Tampa, FL – 8

Orlando, FL- 4

Columbia, SC – 3

Florence, SC – 10

Channel Name: CBS

Airing on:

Austin, Texas – 5

Tampa, Florida – 10

Cleveland, Ohio – 4

San Diego, California – 8

Channel Name: ESPN

Airing on: 39 (28)

Austin, TX – (52-53)

Albany, NY- (24-25)

Akron, OH – (32-33)

Lexington, KY – (27-28)

Greenville, MI – (34-35)

Albertville, AL – (31-32)

Columbia, SC – (26-27)

Dallas City, OR – (29-30)

Bourg, LA – (31-32)

Carson City, NV – (33-34)

Channel Name: ABC

Airing on:

Orlando, FL – 7

Houston, TX – 13, 781

Raleigh, NC – 9

Cleveland, OH – 5, 1005

Columbus, TX – 13

California, CL – 7, 707

Albertville, AL – 9, 709

Charlotte, NC – 4

Denton, TX – 8

Newport, Oregon – 2

Greensboro, NC – 7

Greenville, SC – 13

Dallas, TX – 8

Dayton, Ohio – 11

Channel Name: FOX

Airing on:

Portland, Maine – 4

Orlando, Florida – 3

Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas – 5

Raleigh, North Carolina – 13

San Antonia, Texas – 11

Meanwhile, if you didn’t find your city on the above listings means feel free to call the customer care of Spectrum. Then its contact numbers are 1-855-423-0918 or 1-844-481-5997. Henceforth, through this above-given information, you can easily watch the Cowboys games on Spectrum TV Provider channel lineup.

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Features of Spectrum

Eventually, this Spectrum TV app has been available on the Xbox console, Samsung Smart TV, iOS devices, Roku devices, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Android devices and others. Then you can access HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ through the subscription pack of Spectrum streaming services. Moreover, you can use your DVR storage contents through the Spectrum TV app itself. Therefore, these are all the features of Spectrum streaming services.

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Lasting Passage

Thus, we come upon the lasting passage section of this fine post for what channel the Cowboys game on the Spectrum channel lineup. Eventually, we have noted all the sorts of channels and its number for the cities to watch the Cowboys games using Spectrum. Hence, we thought this article can help you never miss the matches of Cowboys games on Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch NFL games on Spectrum?

Fortunately, you can easily watch the NFL games on Spectrum streaming provider. Therefore, the channels such as NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network, ABC, and CBS can help you to watch NFL games.

Can you watch Fox on Spectrum TV?

Yes, of course, you can watch the FOX channel through the Spectrum TV channel lineup. And, so we have mentioned all the required channel numbers to watch FOX on Spectrum TV on the top-given passages.

What channel is Fox on Spectrum Dallas?

Certainly, You can get the FOX channel on Spectrum Dallas. Then, the required channel number of FOX on Spectrum Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas – 5, make sure to use this number to watch NFL games.

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