What Channel is Hulu on Bell? [2022]

A light of hope can give you a mountain of possibilities. Similarly, having a mind to read this article will provide you with the ways of watching Hulu on your Bell service. Indeed, Hulu is a famous video streaming service, and Bell is the no.1 TV provider in Canada. Go through the below article to find what channel Hulu is on Bell.

An overview of Hulu

In simple words, Hulu is a subscription-based streaming service in America. The service was launched in 2007, and The Walt Disney Company currently owns the major stakes. Indeed, Hulu is known for providing popular hit shows and television series from famous networks like ABC, FX Networks, Freeform, and original programming too.

Currently, the Hulu service records 45.6 million active users worldwide. Moreover, the Hulu app helps you explore and watch popular TV shows, series, films, and a mountain of entertainment. In addition, Hulu is the primary streaming partner of various TV shows and hit movies. Indeed, you can access the Hulu app across all your synced devices.

Meanwhile, the Hulu app lets you create up to six user profiles with a single subscription. Explore shows from popular networks like Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. You can get and watch the Hulu app on various streaming platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, Fire TV, and much more.

Further, Hulu has multiple subscription plans for affordable streaming options. Of course, having an active Hulu subscription is essential to avail of the benefits mentioned above. Indeed, Hulu has three types of subscriptions, namely Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Hulu + Live TV. I hope now you would have got an idea about the Hulu streaming service.

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A glance at Bell

Now let’s see the significance of the Bell streaming service. Seemingly, Bell is a Canadian satellite streaming service. Indeed, it is a conglomerate company that is known for providing multiple services, including satellite TV, telephone, over-the-top streaming, and much more.

Bell satellite TV is a perfect entertainer as it has over 700 channels with SD and HD quality streaming. So you will always have fresh content to stream on both a live stream and on-demand basis. Moreover, the Bell streaming service has been classified into three individual services, namely Bell Satellite TV, Bell Fibe TV, and Bell Alt TV.

Seemingly, Bell Satellite TV provides content directly via satellite. Whereas a Bell Fibe TV subscription will allow you to stream via IPTV. In contrast, Bell Alt TV is an application that streams on-demand content and live TV channels. Further, the below section will offer the detailed subscription plans of the Bell streaming service.

Bell Satellite TV

Good Plan – $49.45/month with 74 channels and 25 radio channels

Better Plan – $75.45/month with 114 channels and 23 radio channels

Best Plan – $110.45/month with 150 channels and 23 radio channels

Bell Fibe TV

Good Plan – $72.45/month with 79 channels and 21 radio channels

Better Plan – $98.45/month with 123 channels and 20 radio channels

Best Plan – $133.45/month with 165 channels and 20 radio channels

Bell Alt TV

Basic Plan – $14.95/month with 30 channels

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On What Channel is Hulu on Bell?

Seemingly, this section will offer the channel number of the Hulu channel on the Bell streaming service. Check out the below section and tune to the respective channel number to find and stream the Hulu content on your Bell streaming service.

Streaming service – Bell

Channel Name – Hulu

Status – Not Available

As we have seen above the Hulu channel is not available on the Bell streaming service. Indeed, the sole reason is that Hulu is primarily an online streaming platform. In that case, it is impossible to get and stream the Hulu channel and its content on any cable TV provider.

Moreover, the Hulu service is not available in Canada. As Bell is a satellite TV provider in Canada, Hulu cannot be streamed in any mode unless you use a VPN. Therefore, ensure that you use a reliable VPN service if you are so obsessed with streaming Hulu content from Canada.

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Popular Shows on Hulu

This section will offer the popular shows available with the Hulu streaming service. Of course, Hulu is a popular streaming service worldwide with some of the best-rated TV shows. Concerning that, the following point will mention the popular shows on Hulu. They are Difficult People, Harlots, Fargo, The Old Man, Alone, Big Sky, A Million Little Things, and much more.

End Note

Seemingly, this section will give you the concluding points to the above-given article. Indeed, the Hulu channel is not accessible on the Bell streaming service as it is an online platform. Moreover, Bell is a Canadian TV provider, and Hulu services are unavailable in Canada. Alternatively, you can try using a VPN service to watch Hulu content from Canada or outside the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Hulu in Canada?

No. Hulu is not available to access and watch from Canada. Indeed, Hulu is only available inside the U.S. Seemingly, you may need to use a reliable VPN to access Hulu if you are outside the U.S.

How much is Hulu?

Indeed, Hulu has multiple subscription plans, and the basic plan will cost you $6.99/month (With ads) and $7.99/month – (Ad-free). In addition, Hulu + Live TV package costs $69.99/month (with ads) and $75.99/month – (Ad-free).

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