What Channel is Crave on Bell? [2022]

Trying new things always gives us excitement. Similarly, reading this new article will give you information on the ways to watch Crave on Bell. Seemingly, Crave is a premium television network, and Bell is a famous TV provider. So let’s see what channel the Crave channel on Bell in the following section of this article.

About Crave

Generally, Crave is a famous and premium television streaming service in Canada. Indeed, Bell media, the subsidiary of BCE Inc., owns and operates the Crave service. The respective service was founded in 1983 and has been restricted during its initial stages in Eastern Canada.

However, after a long break, it resumed its broadcasting operations in 2016 under the name The Movie Network. At that point, the well-known Super Channel has declared its loss in streaming and shifted its subscribers to The Movie Network (TMN) channel.

In 2018, TMN handed over its operations to an over-the-top streaming service, CraveTV. Further, both networks were renamed as Crave. With that change, they have also introduced an application to stream its content online.

Indeed, that added a premium tier, ‘Movies + HBO’, which allows its users to stream premium and exclusive content of TMN and HBO. As a result, you can enjoy watching thousands of hours of hit movies and much more on-demand content.

In addition, you can explore content from popular networks like Crave, HBO, HBO Max, Paramount, and much more. Seemingly, the content included in the Crave app supports both English and French languages.

Initially, signing up to Crave will give you access to a 7-day free trial. Then, you will be charged $9.99/month for Crave mobile subscription and $19.99/month for Crave Total. It is possible to get the Crave app on the most popular streaming platforms.

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A review of Bell

Bell is one of the multi-media conglomerates in Canada. It is Canada’s no.1 TV service provider. The Bell TV service was founded in 1977 and has been operating with 1 million active customers in Canada. It has been providing various services that include telephone, satellite TV, and much more.

Bell is actively providing its services widely across Canada. Coming to the satellite streaming part, Bell TV has over 700 channels that help you stream thousands of live TV and on-demand content. Indeed, those 700 channels include 430 SDTV, 200 HDTV, and 80 audio channels.

As the next stage in development, they started providing IPTV service under the name ‘Fibe TV’. Bell Media uses FTTH or FTTN technology to broadcast its content. What’s more interesting is that existing Bell TV subscribers can use the Fibe TV app to watch their favorite content on the go.

Indeed, it is possible to install the Fibe TV app on most streaming platforms like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and popular streaming devices. Stream your favorite content even without the internet by downloading them on your playlist. In addition, you can use native cloud storage to store your live recordings. I hope you would have got an idea about the Bell TV service. Concerning that, the following section will give you the subscription plans of Bell TV.

Starter package – $24.95/month

Channels included – CNN, CBS, TNT, Telemundo, and much more.

Additional Benefit – Fibe TV app access

Good package – $72.95/month

Channels included – TSN, Sports Network, Discovery, HGTV, A&E, CBC, and much more.

Additional Benefit – Fibe TV app access

Better package – $98.45/month

Channels included – Teletoon, Food Network, Disney Channel, Showcase, and much more.

Additional Benefit – Fibe TV app access

Best package – $133.45/month

Channels included – D Tour, Cartoon Network, Slice, Movie Time, etc.

Additional Benefit – Fibe TV app access

I hope you would have got an idea about the subscriptions of Bell TV. Now let’s see what is the channel number of Crave on Bell in the following section.

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On What Channel is Crave on Bell?

Finally, we have reached the most significant section of this article. Here you will get the exact channel number of the Crave on Bell. So, be ready with your Bell TV channel guide and navigate to the below-mentioned channel number to catch Crave channel on your TV service.

Streaming service – Bell

Channel Name – Crave

Airing On – SD–> 310 & HD –> 1310

Fortunately, the Crave channel is available on Bell TV. You can use channel number 310 to locate the Crave channel on SD and 1310 to find the HD Crave channel. If you are in Canada, Bell is one of the best options for TV streaming, and it is possible to catch the Crave channel on it without any hassle.

In addition, you can also use the Fibe TV application to find and stream the Crave channel. As a result, Crave TV fans can watch their exciting shows from anywhere, anywhere using a compatible streaming device.

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Terminating Words

The above article includes the necessary info that you need to know about watching Crave on Bell. Fortunately, both Bell and Crave are Canada-based services. So it becomes effortless to watch Crave’s channel on Bell without any workarounds. Enjoy watching your favorite Crave TV shows in high quality on your Bell TV service. We are pleased to have you in our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crave available in Canada?

Yes, the Crave channel is available to stream in Canada. Basically, Crave is a Canada-based premium television service that you can stream with a valid satellite tv subscription.

How much does Crave channel cost?

Seemingly, Crave has two types of subscriptions. One is a mobile plan, and the other is a Crave Total plan. Indeed, the Crave Mobile plan will cost you $9.99/month, and the Crave Total plan will cost you $19.99/month.

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