What Channel is CNN on Bell? [2022]

Enjoy the little things of life. Now enjoy reading this article which gives you the ways to watch CNN on Bell. Indeed, CNN is a multinational news channel, and Bell is a famous TV provider in Canada. Concerning that, the following section will explore what channel is CNN on the Bell streaming service.

A Crisp of CNN

Generally, CNN (Cable News Network) is a famous news channel in Georgia, the U.S. It is a 24-hour cable news channel that was founded in the year 1980. Currently, the CNN channel is owned by CNN Global, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery. When it was launched in 1980, CNN was the first channel to give an all-rounder news streaming in the U.S. You can easily stream the CNN content on your desired streaming device by getting a valid TV provider subscription.

As of 2018, CNN has gained television subscriptions from 90.1 million households. Indeed, you can stream news in both SD (480i) and HD (1080i) quality. Moreover, CNN has extended its streaming boundary to the United States, Canada, and worldwide (via CNN International). Further, CNN streams some popular shows like United Shades of America, Anderson Cooper 360, The Movies, Death Row Stories, Finding Jesus, Lincoln: Divided we stand, and much more.

With the CNN channel, you will never miss any important news or updates. Do you like to catch your news updates on the go? If so, you can download the CNN app on a compatible streaming device to get your news updates on time. Speak about a subscription to CNN, it costs you $5.99/month and $59.99/year. This is all to say about the CNN channel and the subscription details available with CNN.

About Bell TV

let’s see an overview of the Bell streaming service in this section. In direct words, Bell is a multi-product company situated in Canada. Indeed, the services provided by the Bell company include satellite TV, telephone, internet, and much more. Are you located in Canada? If so, Bell Satellite TV could be one of the best options to watch your favorite TV shows and on-demand content in the highest quality.

Indeed, Bell TV has over a channel lineup of 700 channels with an SD and HD streaming facility. Seemingly, an SD subscription gives you a streaming quality of 480i, and HD streaming will give you a streaming quality of 1080i. Further, the Bell TV service has been classified into three subsidiaries. They are Bell Satellite TV, Bell Fibe TV, and Bell Alt TV. The following section will give you the subscription details of Bell TV service.

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Name of the Plan – Bell Satellite TV

Good – $49.45/month

Better – $75.45/month

Best – $110.45/month

Name of the Plan – Bell Fibe TV

Good – $72.45/month

Better – $98.45/month

Best – $133.45/month

Name of the Plan – Bell Alt TV

Single Plan – $14.95/month

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On What Channel is CNN on Bell?

I hope you are highly excited to know the channel number of CNN on Bell. If so, this section will offer the possibility of watching CNN on Bell. Get started with your channel guide and tune to the below-given channel number to enjoy watching CNN on Bell.

Streaming Service – Bell TV

Channel Name – CNN

Airing On – SD –> 500 | HD –> 1500

Fortunately, the CNN channel is available to stream on Bell TV. Therefore, you can tune to channel number 500 (SD) or 1500 (HD) to start watching CNN on Bell. The best part with CNN is that it is available to stream in Canada. In addition, you can use the CNN application to stream the CNN content from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, you can get the Bell Fibe TV application to stream the CNN content on your desired streaming device.

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Popular Shows on CNN

Concerning the above article, it is clear that CNN is one of the famous news streaming services worldwide. In that way, the following point will mention the exciting shows available on the CNN app. Indeed, you have groundbreaking shows like the United Shades of America, Don Lemon Tonight, Anderson Cooper 360, Finding Jesus, Chasing Life, Watergate, and much more.


I hope now you will have an idea about catching your favorite CNN shows on Bell TV. Seemingly, the CNN channel is natively available with your Bell TV subscription. So it becomes effortless for Bell TV subscribers to access and watch their favorite CNN shows without any hassle. Hence, we hope you will feel satisfied with our article on CNN on Bell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch CNN in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to watch CNN in Canada using a compatible TV provider. Indeed, it would be better to get a Bell TV subscription to watch your desired CNN news in Canada.

How much is a CNN subscription?

Indeed, CNN is a subscription-based service that costs $5.99/month and $59.99/year. In addition, you can stream CNN on your desired streaming device by subscribing to a reliable TV provider in your area.

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