How to Install and Watch Uzzu TV on Roku? [Updated Guide 2022]

Are you looking for a non-black out sports application? Yes, means, this article is dedicated to you, because we are going to discuss an application, which is named Uzzu TV, it is well known for its non-black out streaming service with 1080p resolution quality. In this article, we are going to walk through the tricks to use Uzzu TV on Roku streaming devices.

A quick review about Uzzu TV

Uzzu TV on Roku

Uzzu TV is well known for its budget-friendly streaming service, and Uzzu TV serves television content over the Internet Protocol network. In short, Uzzu TV is an IPTV provider, it provides us to watch all the live games of NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and a lot more sporting events including 61+ premium channels and other video content streamed 24/7.

Regarding the charges, you can watch some video content for free, for accessing all the premium content you’ve to pay $6.99/week, $20/month, and $120/year. These are all the subscription plans of Uzzu TV, select what you’re comfortable with.

Is Uzzu TV available on Roku?

At present moment, Uzzu TV is not obtainable on Roku, because Roku takes off the Uzzu TV from its Roku Channel store. However, you can still use Uzzu TV through the Screen Mirroring Methods.

How to Watch Uzzu TV on Roku?

We have given the two different methods to watch Uzzu TV on Roku.

  • Using Web Video Caster app
  • Screen Mirror Method through iPhone

Using Web Video Caster

You can watch the Uzzu TV using Web Video Caster on Roku. Do the following step to achieve Uzzu TV on Roku. This Web Video Caster method is applicable for both Android and iOS devices

Step1: Swipe up on your Smart Phone and connect it to the stable Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Step into the Play Store or Apps Store, search for the Web Video Caster application.

Step3: Download the Web Video Caster app and install it on your Smart Phone.

Step4: Open the Web Video Caster app, click on the three-lined sandwich icon which is present on the sidebar of the screen.

Step5: Highlight the IPTV from the options and opt for the IPTV option.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step6: Now click on the +icon and click on the IPTV address tab and enter the M3U URL which was sent by Uzzu TV as a Welcome email.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step7: Alternatively, use this format, to create your own URL. (Enter your email id in the place of your email)

Step8: Enter the Name on the required tab, Tap on the save option and Add to the IPTV list.

Step9: Click on the cast icon, now get into the Roku device settings and enable the ScreenMirroring mode to prompt for Android phones.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step10: if you’re using iPhone means get into the Roku settings and enable the Airplay from the Apple Airplay Homekit on your Roku device.

Step11: Now pair up your Smartphone with Roku, make sure both the devices are connected to the same network.

Step12: Now open the Uzzu TV app and Play any video content, then it’ll stream on Roku device.

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Using Screen Mirror through iPhone

You can watch the Uzzu TV using Screen Mirror on Roku. Do the following step to achieve Uzzu TV on Roku.

Step1: Open your Apps Store on your iPhone and Search for the app GSE Smart IPTV.

Step2: Download the GSE Smart IPTV app (this is not a free app, it costs you $3 for a lifetime license) and Install it on your iPhone.

Step3:Open the GSE Smart IPTV app, click on the left sidebar menu, and select the RemotePlaylists.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step4: Then click on the + icon and add a new Remote Playlist. (You can delete the pre-existing playlist because they are for demo)

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step5: Now select the M3U URL option, enter the format like in the URL box and enter the name on the required tab.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step6: Press the Add button to save the playlist, now get into the Remote Playlist, and click on the freshly added playlist.

Uzzu TV on Roku

Step7: Now you can open any video content on Uzzu TV and get into the Control center then select the screen mirroring option.

Step8: At the same time, open the Roku settings and enable the Airplay from the Apple AirplayandHomekit option.

Step9: Now pair your iPhone and your Roku device through the screen mirroring option. Hereby you can watch the Uzzu TV on Roku.

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Finishing Off

Through this Uzzu TV app. you can have every single game, doesn’t matter where you are, you can watch it.  Then you can have all the live streams of NBA, NHL &NFL in the 1080p streaming resolution quality. Therefore, hope this article will help you to get information about Uzzu TV on Roku. Thank you for spending your moments with this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Uzzu TV app available on Roku?

Presently not available on Roku, but you can screen mirror through Android or iOS devices.

Is the Uzzu TV app available on the Play Store?

Uzzu TV is not available on any Play Store, you can use it through third-party apps, for more explanation goes through this above-mentioned article about Uzzu TV on Roku.

Is Uzzu TV comes for free?

Partially yes, you can have some content for free. To access all the premium content, you’ve to pay for it, go through this article to know about Uzzu TV subscription plans.

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