How to Get Twitter on PS5 in 2023? [Updated Guide]

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the home video game console for playing games and streaming video services. And it’s also easy to go through the feed and get connected with your social community on the social media services, on your PS5. And Twitter is a social media, we are using here to guide you with the steps to get Twitter on your PlayStation 5 (PS5).

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Twitter is the social media service introduced by Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Williams. It puts up a lot of features to know more about it. Twitter users can do what they want such as like, comment, tweet, retweet, and so on after creating a Twitter account. Initially, twttr was the code name for this service, then labeled as Twitter. Twitter was said to be ‘ The SMS of the internet‘. Users are allowed to share their ideologies with words, audio or videos called Tweets which should be in such limitations. You can get the Twitter service either via a dedicated Twitter app or via its official website.

Is Twitter available on PS5?

Getting Twitter on PlayStation 5 is possible. But it is not via a dedicated Twitter app. You can get it by linking your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5. And we’re going to provide you with the steps to get Twitter on your PlayStation 5 by linking your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5.

How to Get Twitter on PS5?

As said already, there is no dedicated Twitter app available for PlayStation 5. But you can easily get the service of Twitter on your PlayStation 5. And here the steps to get Twitter on your PlayStation 5.

Step1: Turn on your PlayStation 5 game console and connect it to the internet.

Step2: Access Settings and then pick Users and Accounts.

Step3: Prefer to the Link with Other Services option.

Step4: Select Twitter from the list and then choose Link Account.

Step5: Now tap on the Twitter Logo.

Step6: Sign in to your Twitter account.

Step7: Now you’re on the Twitter feed page of your Twitter account on your PlayStation 5. That’s all. You’re now done with the steps for getting Twitter on your PlayStation 5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Capture Game Clips And Screenshots On PlayStation 5?

Capturing game clips and screenshots on your PlayStation 5 is easy. You can capture the next happenings or get the most recent gameplay. Both can be up to 1 hour. In this procedure, you’ll get the steps to do so.

Step1: Click the Create button on Dualsense Controller.

Step2: At the bottom center of the page, you can see the icons to Save Recent Gameplay, Take Screenshot and Start New Recording.

Step3: If you’ve tapped the Save Recent Gameplay icon, then you want to select the duration of the video and save it.

If you’ve tapped the Take Screenshot icon, then it’ll be saved.

If you’ve tapped the Start New Recording, the recording will start and the timing will be shown at the top-center of the page. To stop the recording, press the Create button and then select the Stop Recording icon.

Step4: All of your recorded Game Clips and the taken Screenshots are saved on the Media Gallery.

How to Share Game Clips And Screenshots to Twitter?

To share the recorded Game Clips and the taken Screenshots on your Twitter account, get along with our guide. You must need to link your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5, which we’ve provided in the how to get Twitter on PlayStation 5 section. Let’s begin the procedure.

Step1: After linking your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5 game console, go to the home screen on your PlayStation 5.

Step2: Select Media Gallery inside Games Tab.

Step3: Choose the Game clips and/or Screenshots that you want to share. Use the Checkmark box to select multiple ones.

Step4: You can edit the game clip or screenshot using the Edit option then click Done. Otherwise, leave this step.

Step5: Click on the Arrow icon which looks like a curve and pointing to the right.

Step6: Pick Twitter and then post the Game Clips or Screenshots.

Now you’ve shared the Game Clips or Screenshots on Twitter directly from your PlayStation 5.

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In your PlayStation 5 home video game console, getting Twitter and sharing your achievements through game clips and screenshots are not a big deal. You must have experienced what we said through our article. We hope that we have given our best yet to meet your needs and you’re satisfied.

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