Top 6 Ways to Speed Up Your Spectrum Internet

The internet is one of the best inventions of recent times. It has revolutionized how the world works and how you can carry out most of your day-to-day activities. Therefore, it is practically a necessity at this point. These days, faster and faster internet connections are coming out every day. This is why you may feel stunted if you don’t have proper internet access. However, there are numerous options like Spectrum internet plans available out there, which can help improve your experience considerably.

However, all internet plans can face issues at some point in time. In addition, there might be problems which are not in your control. If you have a good connection, then your experience will usually go by smoothly. Furthermore, even if any problem occurs, then there are easy ways to resolve it. Here are a few ways you can speed up your internet if you feel it’s acting too slow.

Improve Your Router Placement

You should improve your router placement if you want all the devices in your home to have proper access to the internet. Make sure you place it in a central position, with no obstacles around it. Do not hide it under a solid box or other such obstruction.

In addition, if you have multiple floors in your home, you can get signal boosters so that the internet works well in all your rooms. Otherwise, router placement alone can make a huge difference in your internet speeds.

Watch Out for Signal Blockers

You might have more signal-emitting devices in your home than you might think. Everything from your vacuum cleaner to your refrigerator releases some sort of signals, and these can interfere with your internet signals. So, you should place such devices away from rooms where you need strong signals or simply keep any extra things like coffee makers, etc. switched off when not needed.

Once you manage these signal blockers properly, then you can get a clear signal map in your home. You can even visualize this properly if you use heat mapping software on your phones.

Restart Your Router

An easy way to boost flagging speeds is to restart your router. This will help you get your internet connection freshened up, and get the speeds back to normal. To do this, you just need to press the button at the back of your router and then switch it back on again.

Once the lights on the device start blinking, this means that the internet is back online, and you can confirm its speeds and connectivity by using it on any of your devices. Do this regularly anyway to keep your internet running at optimum speeds.  

Reboot Your Modem

If restarting your router doesn’t work, try to reboot the whole connection via your modem. To do this, you need to unplug both your router and modem. Then, you should leave them unplugged for about 15 minutes. After that, you should plug them back in again, and then start them up.

This should completely reboot your connection and clear your modem’s cache. This sort of data reset should get your connection back to normal, and you can get those internet speeds you want to have. Try doing this once in a while anyway, so that you can get the best speeds possible at all times.

Check Your Coaxial Cables

Your coaxial cables can fray or break with time or distress. This will result in signal breakages and can outright cause the internet to stop working at all. Before you take any other measures, try tightening these coaxial cables and check them for any damage. If they’re damaged, then replace them with brand new ones.

This should improve your speeds immediately, especially if you have been using these cables for quite a long time. Make sure they haven’t been pulled for any reason, especially when cleaning or when you have active pets or children in the house.

Upgrade Your Connection

If you feel that your internet connection does not meet your requirements anymore, then you should call your provider and upgrade it. This is especially true if you had a regular connection before, and now you and your family are home because of the pandemic. With everyone carrying out all their tasks online, there is a need for a stronger internet connection.

To sum up, there are many easy ways you can go about speeding up your Spectrum internet. These ways are all quite simple, and you should try them out before taking any drastic measures.

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