TikTok on Roku: How to Watch TikTok on Roku? [Updated 2023]

Always have the right thoughts to do anything; here is the right article to get the handy ways to stream TikTok’s app video contents on your Roku streaming device. Start to read this solid article to have a reliable solution to watch TikTok on your Roku streaming device with the help of other smart devices.

About TikTok

This TikTok is an online social media application, and this application offers us to create, edit, upload, comment, and react the videos through its application’s features. Then this TikTok application was powered by ByteDance, and it is a Chinese-made online video-making platform.

This TikTok application has a lot more handy features to create videos of your own free of cost. And this TikTok application is also used to earn money for all the people worldwide by trending your videos on TikTok application. Hence, use this TikTok application for profitable purposes and Entertainment purposes.

Is TikTok on Roku?

At the present moment, TikTok is not accessible on the Roku Channel Store of Roku streaming devices. So you can go through this article to find alternative ways to get TikTok on the Roku streaming device.

How to Get TikTok on Roku?

These upcoming ways can be assists you to get TikTok on your Roku streaming device.

  • Cast TikTok to Roku using Android Phone
  • Mirror TikTok to Roku using iPhone
  • Cast TikTok to Roku using a PC or Mac

By utilizing these ways, you can get the TikTok application on your Roku streaming device.

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Way 1: Cast TikTok to Roku using Android Phone

By using the below-presented steps, you can cast the TikTok application to a Roku streaming device using Android Phone.

Step1: At the start, you’ve to gang your Android Phone and Roku device with the standard source of internet.

Step2: Then, you should search for the TikTok app on your Google Play Store of Android Phone.

TikTok on Roku

Step3: After that, you should install the TikTok app and do its login process with TikTok’s credentials.

TikTok on Roku

Step4: Along with this, you’ve to Roku Settings to get into the System tab, then move into the screen mirroring option.

TikTok on Roku

Step5: Choose the screen mirroring mode and always allow for Android Phone on your Roku device.

TikTok on Roku

Step6: Now, choose the cast icon on the notification panel of the Android Phone, then combine it with the Roku device.

TikTok on Roku

Step7: Thus, you can now stream the TikTok app on your Roku’s screen with your Android Phone.

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Way 2: Mirror TikTok to Roku using iPhone

By using the below-presented steps, you can mirror the TikTok application to a Roku streaming device using iPhone.

Step1: In the first instance, you’ve to join up your iPhone and Roku device with the standard supply of internet.

Step2: After that, you should hunt for the TikTok app on your iPhone’s app store and install it.

Step3: Besides, use your details to do the login process of the TikTok application on your iPhone.

TikTok on Roku

Step4: Moreover, you should select the screen mirroring tab on the Control Center to mirror TikTok app to your iPhone.

TikTok on Roku

Step5: Along with you should choose the Apple Airplay and Homekit from the Roku settings to turn on Airplay.

TikTok on Roku

Step6: Now, connect up your iPhone and Roku device with the nearby devices list and link them both.

Step7: At the end, you can start to play a video of TikTok, and that will appear on the Roku screen.

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Way 3: Get cast TikTok to Roku using a PC or Mac

By using the below-presented steps, you can get cast the TikTok application to a Roku streaming device using a PC or Mac.

Step1: Primarily, you’ve to gather up your PC or Mac and Roku device with a solid source of internet.

Step2: Then, you should use the Webstore or Browser to look for and install the TikTok app on your PC or Mac with the help of Bluestack.

Step3: Use your email and password to do the login process of the TikTok app and do the right click on the website or Browser tab.

TikTok on Roku

Step4: Choose the cast tab and go along to the Roku system settings to choose the screen mirroring mode to prompt.

TikTok on Roku

Step5: Now, select your Roku device on your PC or Mac’s nearby devices list.

Step6: Consequently, you can now start to stream TikTok’s videos on a Roku device through a PC or Mac.

Closing Off

Here, we have discussed all the sorts of ways to get watch TikTok’s content on your Roku streaming device. By using this article, you can easily get watch TikTok’s videos on your Roku streaming device through smart devices. At this moment, we are feeling happy to get your visit on this article about the ways to get the TikTok’s app on your Roku streaming device.

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