How to Install and Watch STARZ on PS5 in 2023? [Updated]

Today’s write-up will focus on one of the most famous premium satellite and television networks. The name of the service is STARZ. It is a popular platform widely used by people for its streaming library and exclusive features. In this article, we will be discussing the ways to get STARZ on PS5.


STARZ is an American-based premium network. It comes under the category of a pay television network. Its services can be availed through subscription. STARZ offers motion pictures, original television series, documentaries, etc…

The users get exclusive content on STARZ. And it is ad-free, this is actually the best part. It is easily available as an app. And users can use STARZ without any contracts. And to talk about the app availability, the STARZ app is supported on a wider range of platforms except a few.

With the STARZ app, the users can acquire multiple screen streaming, HD streaming, download and watch it on the go, and go for the list of goods of STARZ.

Cost of STARZ

As of now, the STARZ subscription is available just for $5/month for the first three months. Unlike this, the STARZ app costs $8.99/month. And it comes with a 30-days free trial. This will let the users to decide whether to choose STARZ or not.

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How to add STARZ on PS5?

The STARZ service can be availed through its app named after itself. The app is compatible with almost all devices. But unfortunately, the STARZ app isn’t supported by Sony PlayStation, this implies that it is not available on PlayStation 5. You have us right! Check out the alternative ways to avail STARZ on PlayStation 5 in the following section.

How to Watch STARZ on PS5 ?

As stated above, let us have a closer look at the alternatives. With the help of the following ways and streaming services one can definitely enjoy STARZ with the help of your PlayStation 5:

  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • STARZ official website
  • Chromecast

STARZ on Hulu

Hulu is one of the top online streaming services. Its streaming library consists of series, movies, shows, and a lot more. It has even features such as multiple user accounts, personalized experience, and even more.

As we all know it has subscription plans of basic and premium. But, STARZ isn’t available on any of the packages. It is available as an add-on service. The STARZcosts $8.99/month. So you can avail STARZ with your Hulu subscription of any plan.

STARZ on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is an OTT service offered by Amazon. It has quite a lot of streaming content that is updated often which contains movies, originals, shows, etc…

Apart from just entertainment, with Prime membership users can avail many features such as music, delivery, etc… And Amazon Prime Video costs around $13/month. And in Amazon Prime Video also the STARZ is available only as an add-on which costs $8.99/month.

STARZ on Netflix

Netflix is a very famous streaming platform as it is known and used by many users all around the world. It has a quite good collection of streaming content as far as concerned which comprises series, shows, movies, and more.

Netflix comes with three plans such as basic, standard, and premium. You can avail any of the subscription plans of your choice. The STARZ isn’t fully available on Netflix. Few shows of STARZ are only available. So if you want to enjoy STARZ fully, users can go ahead with any other options mentioned in this article.

STARZ website

One of the easiest and efficient ways to stream STARZ is by making use of its official site, that is, This offers everything that the STARZ app offers.

You can stream any show or content you wish to watch. All you have to do is subscribe for the STARZ service on the official site which costs $8.99/month and streams it on your PlayStation 5 by making use of the Web browser.


Since the STARZ app is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, the users can just screen mirror the STARZ app to the PlayStation 5 console. For this also you will be purchasing the STARZ subscription in the app on your device which you are going to cast.

How to Stream STARZ on PS5?

Since the Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix app offer STARZ and it is compatible with PlayStation 5, we are opting for it. The following steps will tell you on steps to add these apps to your PlayStation 5.

Step1: Launch your PlayStation 5 and establish it with an internet connection.

Step2: Hover the Media option.

Starz on PS5

Step3: Then opt for the Games option.

Step4: Now see that you choose the All Apps.

Starz on PS5

Step5: Here you have to search for either of the apps which offers STARZ service such as: Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix.

Starz on PS5

Step6: Then install that particular app you have opted for.

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To conclude, these are possible means to acquire the service of STARZ on your PlayStation 5. But without PlayStation 5 also you can stream STARZ on your Smart TV provided it is compatible with the STARZ app. And also many media streaming devices offer the STARZ app such as Firestick, Roku, etc… Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading.

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