How to Get STARZ App on Vizio Smart TV? [Updated May 2023]

Watching TV shows and stuff on mobile is becoming a trend. Many streaming services let out their services through apps. To catch up with this, the television and premium networks are rolling out streaming apps that stream the content of what they provide through their television and satellite TV networks. There are many such services. Today’s write-up will enumerate all about STARZ and the ways to watch STARZ App on Vizio Smart TV.

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Starz App on Vizio Smart TV

STARZ is one of the top pay-TV services in the region of America. It is also one of the major premium networks. STARZ streams a wide range of content such as documentaries, originals, shows, and whatnot. Not only the streaming library, but its features are also exclusive. First and foremost, it is an ad-free service which itself is a great one I guess. Since it is a premium network it is also available in other streaming services as an add-on. This is definitely an added benefit because people don’t have to install a new app for the sake of STARZ. And definitely, it has features such as HD streaming, offline watching, and more!

Cost of STARZ

STARZ is quite an affordable service as it costs just $8.99/month. And also one can make use of the 30-day free trial period. Before subscribing check the official website to know the offers available for the STARZ subscription, as it lets out interesting and low-cost subscriptions.

Is STARZ on Vizio Smart TV?

STARZ is an American premium network as we all know. Talking about the availability of the STARZ App on Vizio Smart TV, the users are lucky enough to access it easily from the App Store. The following section will let you know the steps in a detailed manner.

Guide to Download STARZ App on Vizio Smart TV

Step1: Start off your Vizio Smart TV and continue to give it an internet connection.

Step2: As we all know, we will be using the V button on the Vizio TV remote. So press the V button.

Starz on Vizio Smart TV

Step3: Then see that you go for the Apps Menu.

Starz on Vizio Smart TV

Step4: Further you have to opt for All Apps.

Step5: Locate the STARZ App by searching for it.

Step6: Go to the app info page of STARZ App and click the install button.

Step7: So is the process of installation. After installation, you can go ahead with the streaming of STARZ on Vizio Smart TV.

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Is there any alternative way available to stream STARZ on Vizio Smart TV?

As stated above, we can have access to STARZ through online streaming services, following is the list that will help you to get STARZ service:

  • DIRECTV stream
  • Hulu
  • Philo
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Sling TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple AirPlay
  • STARZ website

People can definitely rely on the above-mentioned services. All of the above offers all from STARZ. But, Netflix alone offers only a few of STARZ. So it is recommended to know in detail than subscribe to the streaming service. Except for a few, you will be paying $8.99/month as it is an add-on service.

To conclude, STARZ is definitely a sure-shot option. Hope you are finding this article super useful to watch STARZ on Vizio Smart TV. There are even many more premium networks such as Cinemax, HBO, etc… To know more about premium networks, follow our website regularly.

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