How to Download Soap2day on Firestick? [Updated June 2023]

We all know that everything comes with a price, but there is some stuff that is always there for us free of cost. These things are unusual only, but we are fond of being attracted to the free stuff. Consequently, there’s one application that provides us to stream unlimited new arrival movies for free, which is named Soap2day. Hereby, this guide will lead you to know how to use Soap2day on Firestick.

A quick glance about Soap2day

Soap2day is computer software that is a huge library of media content from classics to new releases for free. Considering the good things of the Soap2day website, this app is used to access to stream the numerous video content in various languages for free. In the meantime, Soap2day shows some commercials to us, we have to bear it for some moments later we can enjoy our favorite new arrivals on the Soap2day. To be straight up, Soap2day is not a legal piracy website service. This Soap2day gives us free service only but there’s some blurred part is in it, then it shows some pirated contents, so use it wisely.

Can I Install Soap2day on Firestick?

At the present time, you can’t use this Soap2day application directly on Firestick. But favorably, you have other ways to use this Soap2day on Firestick. Firstly, you can Sideload the Soap2day app on Firestick. If the previous one doesn’t work means you can use the CastingMethod.

Pre-setup for Sideloading on Firestick

Before installing any unknown source apps on Firestick, do the following steps.

Step1: Plug in the Firestick and connect it to your smart TV through the HDMI cable.

Step2: Get into the Settings field, select the My Fire TV/Device.

Step3: Head over to the Developer option and highlight the Apps from Unknown Sources then turn it ON.

Procedures for Sideloading on Firestick

You can get the Soap2day app on Firestick through Sideloading Method, here we are about to discuss two apps which going to help us to use Soap2day on Firestick.

Downloader app

• ES File Explorer app

Steps to get Soap2day on Firestick via Downloader app

Step1: Plug in the Firestick, navigate the Search icon on the HomeScreen of Firestick.

Step2: Insert the name which is the Downloader app on the Search field.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step3: Highlight the Downloader app and select the Download option.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step4: After Downloading the Downloader app, Open it and enter the Soap2dayURL in the URL bar.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step5: Then click on the Go option, download and install it on the Firestick.

Step6: locate the Apps and Games section, now you can open the Soap2day app from it.

Steps to get Soap2day on Firestick via ES File Explorer app

Step1: Turn ON your Firestick device, move into the Amazon App Store.

Step2: Search for ES File Explorer app in the Amazon App Store and download it.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step3: After downloading the ES File Explorer, open it and click on the Download Icon that was present in the primary window under the tools options.

Step4: Then select the +New option on the bottom screen on the ES File Explorer.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step5: Now insert the source code of the Soap2day on the bar.

Step6: Here tap on the Download Now option and install it to your Firestick.

Step7: After the installation process, you can open the Soap2day and watch your favorite movies on it.

Casting Method: How to Cast Soap2day on Firestick

If you can’t get success by doing above mentioned two methods means you can use this Casting Method for Android and iOS devices, the steps are given below.

Cast Soap2day on Firestick via Android Phone

Step1: After Powering on the Firestick, hold on the Home button on your supplied remote of Firestick and select Screen mirroring. (If you did this step1, skip the step2)

Step2: Alternative step for above-mentioned step, go to Settings and click on Display & Sounds then enable the Display mirroring option.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step3: Swipe up your Android Phone, go to the Setting section and click on the Cast icon. Check whether your Android Phone and Firestick were connected to the same internet.

Step4: Now get into the Soap2day app on your Android Phone, click on any video that’ll reflect on your Firestick.

Cast Soap2day on Firestick via iOS

Step1: Turn on your Firestick, get into the Search Icon on the My Fire TV field.

Step2: Search for the Air Screen app and Get it then click on the Start Now option.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step3: Tap on the Gear Icon and select the AirPlay then click on the Start Icon.

Soap2day on Firestick

Step4: Get into your iPhone’s Control Center, click on the Screen Mirroring option.

Step5: Now, select your Firestick device and couple both iPhone and Firestick, then play any video in the Soap2day through iPhone, it’ll reflect on your Firestick device.

Soap2day on Firestick

Finishing Up

Therefore, we are here to conclude that a wise usage of the Soap2day app leads to a good experience in watching new releases media content free of cost, but it is not an approved website because it offers to watch copyrighted content. Thought it would be a valuable article for your needs, thank you for spending your precious minutes with this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Soap2day a safe site?

Actually, Soap2day is not an approved site, you have to use it with your own risk for watching new arrivals like movies, series, and so on.

How do I download Soap2day?

You can download the Soap2day app by visiting the official Soap2day website, for more information, you can go through this above-mentioned article.

How do you get captions on Soap2day?

Get into the movie that you’re going to watch, then click on the Subtitle icon and select the English[CC] option for English subtitle and follow the same to turn off subtitles.

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