How to Watch Sling TV on Xbox One? [Updated 2023]

Sling TV is the name which is familiar with people who have cut their cords to have entertainment of their choice for an efficient cost. This article starts up by addressing Sling TV because we will be discussing on How to add Sling TV on Xbox One. Not only that we will also seek more information about Sling TV, its features, cost, and stuff. Read in detail to know more.

Get to know about Sling TV

 Sling TV on Xbox One

Sling TV is an online streaming service offered in the American region. The main area of streaming of Sling TV is on-demand content and live TV. This service is offered by Sling Inc. One can afford to watch Sling TV on the basis of subscription as well as for free. Though Sling TV has 200 channels, few of the basic channels are tend to be available only as add-ons. Talking about movies, it has around 85,000 movies. It is a bit huge. From the numbers mentioned itself, it is evident that Sling TV has channels of all kinds of genres which is relevant to people of all age. And device compatibility of Sling TV is quite satisfying.

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Cost of Sling TV

Sling TV offers 3 subscription plans. Each plan has its set of streaming channels. Each plan is oriented with genre-based channels.

  • Sling TV Blue is available for $35/month
  • Sling TV Orange is available for $35/month
  • Combo plan: Sling Orange + Blue is available for $50/month

Apart from this, you can also opt-out for Add-ons based on your channel list. Each Add-on has its cost separately. Check the official site before subscribing to Sling TV.

Does Sling TV work on Xbox One?

Sling TV is a platform that is compatible with almost all devices. And yes, it is available on Xbox One as well. The process of installing Sling TV on Xbox One is going to be easy with the help of the following section.

How to add Sling TV on Xbox One?

Step1: Couple your Xbox One with your TV.

Step2: Link up it with your internet connectivity.

Step3: Navigate to Xbox Store.

Sling TV on Xbox One

Step4: Search for the Sling TV App with the help of the search bar.

Sling TV on Xbox One

Step5: Choose the Sling TV App from the suggestions and tap the Get App option.

Step6: Then click on Download App.

Step7: After the installation process, Launch the Sling TV App on your Xbox One console.

Step8: Use your Sling TV account info and start streaming Sling TV content on your Xbox One connected TV.

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Alternative way to stream Sling TV with the help of Xbox One?

If you aren’t wishing to install the Sling TV App on your Xbox One console due to any other reasons, you can definitely reach out for the alternative means, that is, screen mirroring using Chromecast. But while you install the Sling TV App the rest is assured in the case of smooth streaming.


To conclude, Sling TV is a well-known streaming service that appears in everybody’s mind while coming across the term streaming service. It is so popular due to its exclusive features and streaming library. Hope this article has enlightened you! Thank you for reading.

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