Sky News on Roku: How to Install on Roku Streaming Device in 2023?

Today’s write-up is something important. Saying so because News is a very important right. As it helps us to know what is happening in and around the world. It can be of any sort or category but a news is a news.  We even have online streaming services which stream news for almost all the time. Sky News is one such kind. This article will let you stream Sky News on Roku.

What is Sky News?

Sky News on Roku

Sky News is one of the top news channel organizations based in British. It is a free television service. And interestingly the Sky News offers its services through online service and also via radio channels. Sky News provides live news 24/7 and headlines of the news based on the category such as politics, business, etc… Apart from providing news, it offers the news in interesting ways such as galleries, bulletins, articles, blogs, stories of the day, etc.. this helps us to learn the important news and its background easily. The news division allows the users to have access to what they want exclusively rather than reading and hearing all the news.

How to Watch Sky News on Roku?

The procedure to watch Sky News on your Roku is going to be very simple. We are saying so because Sky News is one of the official streaming channels on Roku. That is, Sky News is supported by the Roku platform. Remember that the Sky News is for free. So no registration or subscription is required to stream Sky News.

Add Sky News

Step1: Power up your Roku player with your TV.

Step2: Associate it to your internet connectivity.

Step3: Get to the home screen of your Roku player by making use of the home button on your Roku remote.

Sky News on Roku

Step4: Go to the left menu and choose the Streaming channels section.

Sky News on Roku

Step5: Now click on Search channels.

Step6: You will see the search screen appearing.

Step7: Here type in as Sky News and tap OK.

Step8: Opt for the official Sky News.

Step9: Then tap the Add channel button and the Sky News will be installed.

Sky News on Roku

After installation, you can start to stream the news from Sky News on your Roku-connected TV.

Is any other means available to stream Sky News on Roku?

Definitely, you have one, if you are an existing user of Now TV. NOW TV is an online streaming service that has a wide range of video collections which including movies, sports, shows, and a lot more. Also, it has video content from top streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, etc… You have to subscribe to Now TV to stream it. And you can easily get the Now TV on Roku by using

  • Roku website
  • Roku Channel store

For the sake of streaming Sky News, one does not have to subscribe for Now TV as it is a paid service but Sky News itself is free.

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To conclude, Sky News is all you want to stream live news for 24/7. Not only Sky News, but there are also a handful of free news channels which are available on Roku. Hope this article has helped you to know more about Sky News and its streaming ways on Roku. Thank you for reading.

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