How to Install and Watch SHOWTIME on PS5? [Updated 2023]

Live your life to the fullest, yes! Do whatever you want, go wherever you want, watch whatever you want. Sounds virtue! In the SHOWTIME app, you can watch whatever you want with budgetary charges. If you’re a PS5 user, this write-up is solemnly dedicated to you. In this article, we are going to talk about the usage of SHOWTIME on PS5.

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SHOWTIME is an online streaming service that was an American-based Premium Television Network. SHOWTIME was owned and developed by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Network. This SHOWTIME application provides us to watch billions of media contents which includes SHOWTIME originals, Motion pictures, Television series, comedy section, kid’s favorites, sporting events include boxing and mixed martial arts matches, new releases, and a lot more fun elements, you can have in SHOWTIME ANYTIME!

Regarding charges, comparatively, SHOWTIME application is cost-efficient and user friendly and it costs $10.99/month with 7 days of free trial period for monthly basis plan, for annual plan SHOWTIME costs $8.99/month for 12 months with 30 days trial period, rush to grab your limited period offer.

Is SHOWTIME available on PS5?

Presently, there are two sorts of things going between SHOWTIME is there or not in PS5. First, use the direct download option for installing SHOWTIME on PS5. If your PS5 doesn’t have SHOWTIME in it means you can get the SHOWTIME through other streaming services. And you can use the PS Remote Play app to use SHOWTIME on PS5.

How to Install and Watch SHOWTIME on PS5?

Here are the techniques to use SHOWTIME on PS5.

  • Direct installation
  • Other Streaming Services
  • PS Remote Play app

Direct installation

In this section, we are heading to know the steps involved to get SHOWTIME on PS5, utilizing the following steps given below.

Step1: Pair up your PlayStation 5 console to your smart TV and power them up.

Step2: Check whether your PS5 is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Step3: Open the Home Screen of your PS5, select the Media field.

Showtime on PS5

Step4: Highlight the All apps icon and press the Search icon then search for SHOWTIME app.

Showtime on PS5

Step5: Now Download and install the SHOWTIME app on PS5, hereby you can use the SHOWTIME on PS5.

Other Streaming Services

If your PS5 doesn’t have SHOWTIME means don’t worry, you can use the SHOWTIME app through other streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Sling.

  • Hulu + SHOWTIME: you can get SHOWTIME through the Hulu Streaming service. It costs $10.99/month with a week of free trial for new users and eligible returning subscribers, then Hulu + SHOWTIME requires a Hulu base subscription plan, it costs $5.99/month.
  • Amazon Prime + SHOWTIME: Amazon Prime offers us to watch SHOWTIME in it, for the cost of $10.99/month with a 7-day free trial.
  • Sling + SHOWTIME: Sling also provides us to watch SHOWTIME in it, with the cost of $10/month. (7-day free trial included for new users)

Use the given below steps to get SHOWTIME through other streaming services.

Step1: Open the Home Screen of your PS5, get into to Media section, and make sure to connect the internet to your PS5.

Step2: Move into the Games options and navigate to All apps and search for the app which provides SHOWTIME in it. Search for Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Sling in the Apps Section.

Step3: For instance, if you use Amazon Prime means a search for the Amazon Prime app and install it.

Showtime on PS5

Step4: Get into the Amazon Prime app and sign in with your Credentials.

Step5: Locate the Channel section and Find the SHOWTIME app in the list then open SHOWTIME to use it.

Step6: Now you can use the SHOWTIME on PS5.

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PS Remote Play app

You can use the PS Remote Play app to get the SHOWTIME, by doing the following steps you can get the SHOWTIME on PS5. This PS Remote Play app is available for Android and iOS devices to watch SHOWTIME on PS5.

Step1: Swipe up on your Smartphone whether it may be Android or iOS and get into the Apps Store or Play Store.

Step2: Search for and download the SHOWTIME app and Log in with the SHOWTIME app credentials.

Step3: Again get into the Play Store, search for PS Remote Play app on the Play Store and install it on your Smartphone.

Showtime on PS5

Step4: Get into the Home Screen of your PS5 and navigate to the Settings field then enable the Remote Play option.

Showtime on PS5

Step5: Now, Log in to your PS Remote Play app with your credentials, once logged in with your Smartphone, PS5 is automatically connected with your Smartphone.

Step6: Hereby, you can start to stream SHOWTIME on PS5.

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Sums Up

To summarize, SHOWTIME is a beneficence online streaming application with Billions of Movies, Series, SHOWTIME originals, schedule TV shows, sports, and a lot more features. SHOWTIME is worth the price and do subscribe to it for more fun! Thank you for your minutes of patience on this article about SHOWTIME on PS5. Hope this article is fruitful for you, Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch SHOWTIME on PS5?

Yes, you can watch through in many ways such as from the Apps Store of PS5, if SHOWTIME is not there means using the other streaming service and apps to get SHOWTIME on PS5, go through this above article to get more information.

Does Amazon Prime have SHOWTIME?

Yes, you can use SHOWTIME on Amazon Prime, it costs $10.99/month, for detailed explanations read the above-mentioned article.

Is SHOWTIME worth the price?

Definitely yes, you can watch everything from classics to new arrivals with all genres for budget-friendly cost, so SHOWTIME is worth the price.

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