How to Download and Install Ring App on Firestick? [Updated 2023]

In every simple thing, people look for security, safety, and privacy. This is the case for any electrical gadget, home, workspace, family, etc… It is important to feel safe at home right. If you are in search of a safety system, you are at the right spot. This write-up is wholly written for that cause only. You will be knowing on How to access Ring App on Firestick. If you are able to get the live streaming of what is happening around your home, then it is really great right. Read this article to get to know more about the Ring App services.

About Ring app

The ring is the home security system service that is owned and let out by Amazon. It was widely known as Doorbot earlier. The Ring system is more famous for its Ring video doorbell. Its security home automation offers many services such as :

  • Video Doorbells
  • Ring Alarm
  • Security Cameras
  • Spotlight Cameras
  • Floodlight Cameras
  • Security Systems
  • Flood and Freeze Sensors
  • Smoke Alarms

And the best part about Ring is its affordable cost. You can take care of your home irrespective of your presence in your home. Keep an eye on your home with the help of your Smartphones and tablets. With the help of the Ring and its easy setup and installation, you can even take care of your whole neighborhood and community.

What about Ring App on Fire TV Devices?

The integration of security has become easier with the Ring app. You can make use of the Alexa app and furthermore things to have access to Ring Doorbell using the Fire TV or Firestick. You can get control over Ring Doorbell even on incompatible Smart TVs using the Firestick.

How to Setup Ring app services on Firestick?

Step1: Add the Alexa App to your Smartphone.

Ring App on Firestick

Step2: Tap the More button.

Ring App on Firestick

Step3: Under the Menu, go for Skills & Games.

Ring App on Firestick

Step4: Go to the Search option.

Step5: Type in and search as Ring.

Ring App on Firestick

Step6: Add the Ring Skill app from the suggestions list.

Step7: After adding the Ring Skill app you have to Configure it.

Step8: Now you have to Enable the Ring Skill app by tapping on Enable to use button.

Ring App on Firestick

Step9: Sign in with your Ring account credentials and this will associate your Alexa account and Ring account.

Ring App on Firestick

Step10: Then click the Authorize button.

Ring App on Firestick

Step11: Now go for the Discover Devices option.

Ring App on Firestick

Step12: Choose your Ring Device from the list.

Ring App on Firestick

Step13: And this is how you can view the Ring device services on your Firestick.

Ring App on Firestick

This method is even applicable for all models of Fire TVs too. Further, you can live access your security system by voice activating it. You can command Alexa and know the status. From now on, the security system of your entire home exterior is just under your voice command.

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The End Note

To end, we know that feeling safe and secured is most important. And nowadays, for security purposes, there are many options such as cameras, ring doorbell, etc… The Ring App is one of the better options for security systems as it can be connected easily with your TV using SmartThings App or Firestick. Hope you got the crux of how to use the Ring App on Firestick using the above-mentioned method. Thank you for reading.

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