What Channel is Peacock TV on Bell? [2022]

Every new day begins with new possibilities. Similarly, every line of this article will be valuable to find the Peacock TV on the Bell streaming service. So have a look at the following section of this article to find out what Bell channel is Peacock.

An Overview of Peacock

In simple words, Peacock is an online video streaming service available in America. Indeed, it is an over-the-top streaming service being operated by the streaming division of NBCUniversal. Moreover, Peacock is an all-rounder streaming service that features various content from NBCUniversal.

Seemingly, you can watch television series, news, films, sports, and content from third-party providers by subscribing to Peacock TV. In addition, you can watch hit shows, binge-worthy movies, Peacock Originals, and much more. Being an online streaming service Peacock TV is available on various streaming platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TVs, etc.

Meanwhile, Peacock TV has also given a soft launch on cable services like Sky and Now in UK and Ireland. Furtherly, it has also extended its streaming territory to Austria and Germany. As of now, Peacock TV has gained 28 million monthly active accounts and 13 million paid subscribers.

What’s more interesting is that Peacock TV also streams Spanish TV content and news from Telemundo. To speak on the subscription part, Peacock TV includes two premium packages and a free plan too.

Of course, with the free plan, you are supposed to see commercials while streaming, and a premium plan offers you ad-free streaming. Whereas the Peacock Premium costs you $4.99/month and $49.99/year. On the other hand, the Peacock Premium Plus plan costs you $9.99/month.

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About Bell TV

Bell is one of the biggest and most famous telecommunication companies in Canada. The services provided by Bell TV include cable/satellite TV, telephone, and much more. As of now, the Bell TV service is available across Canada.

The respective service was launched in 1997 and currently operates with over 1 million active customers. On the satellite TV streaming part, Bell TV provides over 700 channels. Seemingly, the channel lineup includes 430 SDTV, 200 HDTV, and 80 audio channels.

Later, they jumped into IPTV service under the name Fibe TV, and it is delivered over FTTN or FTTH technology. Moreover, you can also catch your favorite Bell TV shows on the go by using the Bell Fibe TV app. Indeed, the Bell Fibe TV app supports multiple screens like smartphones, smart TVs, streaming devices, and much more.

In addition, the built-in cloud storage lets you save your favorite programs to watch later. The respective app even enables you to download on-demand content. So that you can watch those content even without the internet. This is all to say about Bell Satellite TV. The below section will give you the subscription plans of Bell TV in detail.

The starter package costs $24.95/month, and you can watch channels like CNN, CBS, TNT, Telemundo, and much more.

The good package costs $72.95/month, and you can access channels like TSN, Sports Network, Discovery, HGTV, A&E, CBC, and much more.

The better package costs $98.45/month, and you can watch popular channels like Teletoon, Food Network, Disney Channel, Showcase, and much more.

The best package costs $133.45/month, and further, you can watch channels like D Tour, Cartoon Network, Slice, Movie Time, etc.

Indeed, you will get access to the Bell Fibe TV app by subscribing to any of the above-mentioned packages.

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On What Channel is Peacock on Bell TV?

It’s time to unveil the channel number. Yes, this section will offer you the details about what channel is Peacock on Bell. So get ready with your Bell TV channel guide and enter the channel number given below to tune the Peacock channel on your Bell TV service.

Streaming Service – Bell TV

Channel Name – Peacock TV

Status – Not Available

Indeed, Bell TV has 700 channels, but Peacock is not one among them. As we have seen above, Peacock is an online streaming service from NBCUniversal. So, it is impossible to access an online service on a satellite TV service. Instead, you can use the Bell Fibe TV app on a compatible device to stream your favorite shows. What’s more unfortunate is that Bell is a Canadian service, and Peacock TV streaming is not available in Canada. So, ultimately, Bell TV subscribers can’t watch Peacock shows on their desired service.

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Features of Bell

Bell is Canada’s no.1 telecommunication company and TV service provider. Indeed, Bell TV subscribers can watch high-quality live TV and on-demand content with a valid subscription. The Bell Fibe TV app is one of the best compliments for active Bell TV users. Moreover, you can use the existing Bell TV credentials to log in with the respective app. In addition, Bell TV has no agreement or contract. So you are free to cancel your subscription at any point in time.


I hope the above article has given you the necessary info about watching Peacock on Bell. Of course, it is not possible to watch Peacock on Bell TV. The Peacock TV service is not accessible in Canada. But you can use a reliable VPN service to access Peacock TV in Canada. Moreover, the above article gives you complete details about the possibilities of watching Peacock on Bell TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch Peacock in Canada?

No, it is not possible to watch Peacock in Canada due to two significant reasons. Firstly, Peacock is not available in Canada. Secondly, Peacock is an online content streaming service that is not available on any cable service. But you can use a VPN service to catch Peacock TV in your region.

How much is Peacock TV?

Indeed, Peacock TV is available to access on a subscription basis. Concerning that, the Peacock TV subscription may cost around $4.99/month and $49.99/year.

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