Now TV App on LG Smart TV: How to Get and Watch [Updated May 2023]

Today we will be dealing with the online streaming platform offered by a UK-based top TV provider group named as Sky Group. The OTT service is now known as Now before it was Now TV. In this write-up, we will be elaborating on how to stream the Now TV App on LG Smart TV.

About Now TV

Now was once known as Now TV. It is one of the OTT platforms owned by Sky. With Now membership, the users can stream live TV, sports, kids, entertainment, news, on-demand video, etc… Now TV offers different passes as per your streaming choice too. You can watch TV series, movies, award-winning shows, blockbuster hits,  etc… You can watch it on your time-space and even offline and the best feature is that Now comes without a contract.

Cost of Now

Now offers a variety of offers on their memberships, it is always better to browse the official website of Now and know the details before subscribing for Now. As of now, the following are the available membership plans:

  • Now Entertainment costs £4.99 for 2 months
  • Now Cinema costs £11.99/month. This varies as the months pass by.
  • Now Sports cost ranges from £9.99, this depends on your Day/ Month membership.

Guide to Get and Watch Now TV App on LG Smart TV

Now app comes pre-installed in some models of LG Smart TVs. But sorry to say, if you are using LG Netcast TVs you can’t use the Now App because it is not supported by LG Netcast TVs.

If the Now app is pre-installed

Step1: Power on your LG Smart TV.

Step2: Provide internet connectivity to your LG Smart TV.

Step3: If the Now app is already comes installed on your LG Smart TV, you can have access to the Now app under the Apps section.

Now TV App on LG Smart TV

Step4: Tap open the Now app.

Step5: Opt for My Account.

Step6: According to your streaming purpose choose to Start your free trial option OR choose the Day/ Month membership.

Step7: Create your Now account by entering the necessary details.

Step8: Go ahead by tapping the Continue button.

Step9: Do your payment process.

Step10: Then what! Start streaming your favorite content from Now.

How to add Now TV on LG Smart TV

Step1: Turn on your LG Smart TV and provide internet connectivity.

Step2: Go to the LG Content Store on your LG Smart TV.

Now App on LG Smart TV

Step3: Use the search feature and search for the Now app.

Now App on LG Smart TV

Step4: Tap the install button. 

Step5: This will install the Now TV on your LG Smart TV.

Step6: Sign-in and start watching Now on your LG Smart TV. Or, Sign up for one by choosing your membership and payment.

If your LG Smart TV is not updated

Step1: You have to go to your LG Smart TV Settings.

Step2: Look for a System update.

Step3: Update it.

Step4: After updating, you can find the Now app under the Apps section.

Now TV App on LG Smart TV

Step5: Sign up for Now or Sign in and get yourself entertained.

Stream Now TV on LG TV via Streaming Devices

If you can’t locate or add Now on your LG Smart TV or if it is an LG Netcast TV, you can choose any of the following methods:

  • Now Smart stick
  • Now Smart box
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • PlayStation4
  • PlayStation5
  • Xbox one

You have to connect the above-mentioned streaming media devices to your LG Smart TV and stream Now even in incompatible LG Smart TV/ LG Netcast TV.

Cast Now App on LG Smart TV Via Android Smartphone

Step1: Establish the same Wi-Fi connection between your Android Smartphone and LG TV.

Step2: Install the Now app on your Android Smartphone using PlayStore.

Step3: Sign up for the Now membership.

Step4: On your Now App, click the Cast icon.

Now on LG Smart TV

Step5: This scans and lists out the available devices to cast.

Step6: Now choose your LG TV from the list.

Step7: Stream your favorite program and watch it on your LG Smart TV/ LG Netcast TV.

Final Words

To end, from Now on the users can stream Now TV easily on their LG Smart TVs without any fuss. Have a contract less and all genres of entertainment at one place from Now on using Now App. Hope you find this article useful. Thank you for reading.

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