How to Install and Watch NHL on PS5? [Updated July 2023]

This write-up is dedicated to the hockey fan. Though Rugby and Football are liked by most people, Hockey also has its own fandom. So we have decided to treat the hockey lovers today with this write-up. We will be dealing with the NHL App, its cost, and more stuff about it. And the ways to stream NHL Games on PS5 [PlayStation 5].

About NHL

NHL is been expanded as National Hockey League. It is the major professional sports league in the United States and Canada. The NHL Games can be watched through its official streaming app named as NHL. The NHL App is the spot to know all about Hockey i.e., highlights, scores, stats, tickets, and a lot more. You can have access to the schedule, connect with the current season leagues, etc… To watch the NHL Games live, the users have to purchase the NHL Live Subscription. With this you can watch around 500 national and out-of-market NHL Games, on-demand highlights, game replays, also you can watch the archives of NHL Games.

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What is the cost to watch NHL Games?

  • Monthly Pass costs $29.99/month
  • NHL French Package costs $53.99/month
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs costs $74.99
  • Full Season Pass costs $159.99/season as early bid price
  • Full Season Pass costs $179.99/season as regular price

It is important to associate your NHL App with the NHL Live account to enjoy the streaming of the NHL Games across all your devices you use to watch.

How to Add NHL on PS5?

The NHL App is available on a wider range of devices. It is also available on PlayStation4. Unfortunately, the NHL App isn’t compatible with PlayStation5. And as usual, you people don’t have to worry as it is our part to give you the solution for streaming the NHL on PlayStation5.

We will be making use of the screen mirroring method to get NHL on PlayStation5.

How to screen mirror NHL on PS5 using iPhone?

This is just an example, the users can make use of mirroring apps of their choice. We will be dealing with PS Remote Play App. This method works on both iOS and Android Smartphone.

Step1: The first step is to update your PlayStation5 console.

Step2: Go to AppStore on your iPhone, and install the NHL App.

Step3: Also search and add the PS Remote Play App.

NHL on PS5

Step4: On your PlayStation5 console, navigate to Settings.

Step5: And here go to the Systems section.

Step6: Now you have to enable the Remote Play option in order to go ahead with screen mirroring.

NHL on PS5

Step7: Now click open the PS Remote Play App on your iPhone.

Step8: Here you have to Sign in with your PlayStation account credentials.

NHL on PS5

Step9: This associates your iPhone with your PlayStation5 console.

Step10: Now you can open the NHL App on your iPhone and get it streamed on your TV with the help of the PlayStation5 console.

Step11: You can have full access to the controls of your PlayStation5 console with the help of your iPhone.

How to stream NHL on PS5 using Android Smartphone?

You can use any screen mirroring app you want. In this section, we will be using the Plex App to screen mirror.

Step1: Update your PlayStation5 console with the available latest version.

Step2: Sign in to your PlayStation account on your console.

Step3: On your PlayStation5 console, go to the PlayStation Store.

Step4: Install the Plex App on your PlayStation5 console.

NHL on PS5

Step5: Then open the Plex App and sign up or sign in accordingly.

NHL on PS5

Step6: Also you have to install the Plex App on your Android Smartphone as well.

Step7: After downloading, open the Plex App.

Step8: Here you have to tap the Stay in Trial Mode option.

Step9: Then grant access by choosing the Grant Permission option.

NHL on PS5

Step10: Now go to the Settings and opt for the System option.

Step11: Check for the necessary options such as to advertise server, network discovery, etc…

Step12: Everything is ready. So install the NHL App on your Android Smartphone.

Step13: Open it and get it streamed on your PlayStation5 associated TV via screen mirroring.

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To conclude, these are the ways to watch NHL on your PS5 console. Apart from this, you can even make use of streaming services that offer NHL live relays on their platforms. To talk about some examples, we have fuboTV, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, etc… You just have to check whether the PlayStation5 console is compatible with the above-mentioned streaming services, if not make use of the above-mentioned ways of casting and watch it via PlayStation5. Hope we have served you with what you want. Thank you for reading.

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