How to Watch News on PS5? [Updated Guide 2022]

We must know the happenings in our area and the world for being updated. And the happenings can be known via news channels and newspapers. Nowadays, people often choose to watch the news rather than reading the news. The traditional method of watching the news is subscribing to a cable to satellite TV and watching it with a cable. But now we can watch the news and news channels online using streaming services without a cable or satellite TV subscription, that’s without cable. This article is to teach you the steps to watch the news on PlayStation 5 (PS5).

How to Watch News on PS5?

Even though PlayStation 5 is a game console, it has a separate section for Media. And this is a well-known fact. So we can easily install any supported streaming services on PlayStation 5. There are many streaming services available in the market. We are going to provide you some of the streaming services that provide news channels. You can install the desired streaming service that’s providing the news channels on your PlayStation 5 and watch the news.

Streaming Apps to Watch News on PS5

The following list will help you to recognize some of the streaming services that are providing the news channels on PlayStation 5.

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • Pluto TV
  • YouTube

YouTube TV

News on PS5

It is one of the well-known streaming services that’s serving people with a lot of features like Live TV and on-demand content. The news channels available on YouTube TV are ABC News, BBC World News, Fox News Channel, ESPNEWS, Newsnation, Newsmax TV, and much more. YouTube TV is available to be installed on PlayStation 5. The YouTube TV costs $64.99/month. And there are such Add-ons also available at additional charges.


News on PS5

Hulu is the best streaming service to stream your favorite on-demand content and live channels. You can subscribe to the on-demand content via Hulu (ad-supported) and Hulu (no ads) plans. And plans available to subscribe for Live TV and on-demand content are Hulu + Live TV (ad-supported) and Hulu + Live TV (no ads). The news channels available in Hulu + Live TV are ABC News, CBSN, Fox News Channel, ESPNEWS, NBC News, and much more. Hulu is accessible on PlayStation 5.

Pluto TV

News on PS5

Pluto TV is a streaming service to access the basic services. It serves people with over 250 channels and 1000s of on-demand content like Movies, Series, TV Shows, and much more. The news channels that are offered by Pluto TV are One America News Network, CNN, Newsmax, CBSN, NBC News, The Today Show Network, and much more. Pluto TV is available to be installed on PlayStation 5.


News on PS5

YouTube is the most popular online video streaming service available in the market. And that’s the known fact. YouTube allows you to catch up with the world’s on-demand videos and your favorites. By subscribing to the news channels you can watch news YouTube. The YouTube Premium plan starts at $11.99/month. YouTube is available on PlayStation 5. Press the YouTube button on your PlayStation 5 Media remote and launch the YouTube app on your PlayStation 5.

How to Install Streaming Apps on PlayStation 5?

Follow the steps to install streaming apps on PlayStation 5.

Step1: Power up your PlayStation 5 and connect with the Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Move to the Media tab on your PlayStation 5.

Step3: Go for the All Apps section on your PlayStation 5.

Step4: Then browse through the page to find the desired streaming app on your PlayStation 5.

Step5: After highlighting the streaming app, hit Download on your PlayStation 5.

Step6: Launch the streaming app and log in to your account on your PlayStation 5.

And now watch the news on your PlayStation 5.

Select the streaming app to start watching on your PlayStation 5 after accessing the All Apps section.

Final Words

We all watch the news to know what’s happening. We must know the happenings in our area and the world by watching the news. Here, we have listed some of the streaming apps to watch the news on PlayStation 5. We hope that the article will be helpful to you.

Thank you!

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