Netflix Party on Firestick: How to Get and Stream it? [Updated June 2022]

Netflix Party on Firestick: We all used to watch movies and shows on TV with a group of friends or with our family. But now we all are using separate devices like Mobile phones, desktops and so on. So today we are going to know about the watch party which means we can stream the favorite content together online.

We all use streaming services that give you access to your favorite. And the service we are going to use is Netflix Party. You are here to get taught the steps on how to get Netflix Party (Teleparty) on Firestick.

Netflix Party is the Chrome extension service that gives you access to organize a watch party to stream your favorite content together with your friends, family, or the ones with whom you want to watch. Netflix Party will be rebranded as Teleparty.

Initially, this service supports only the Netflix streaming service, that’s why it’s branded as Netflix Party. But then, this service not only supports Netflix but also Disney+, Hulu (only supports the ad-free plans), HBO Max, HBO Now.

Currently, Netflix Party is supported on Chrome and Opera browsers. It will be supported with Microsoft Edge in the near future. Netflix Party is accessible on Laptops and Computers as of now.

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How to Get Netflix Party (Teleparty) on FireStick?

To access Netflix Party on FireStick, you should have a Chrome browser on your FireStick. Chrome browser is not available on FireStick. So you should sideload the Chrome on your FireStick. Get along with these after getting Chrome on your FireStick.

Step1: Open Chrome on your FireStick and do a search for Chrome Web Store.

Step2: Then get into Chrome Web Store and do a search for Netflix Party (Teleparty).

Netflix Party on Firestick

Step3: From the search results, Select Netflix Party (Teleparty) and access Add to Chrome.

Netflix Party on Firestick

Step4: Then press the Add extension button on Chrome.

Netflix Party on Firestick

This will add an NP icon or TP icon next to the address bar of Chrome. And it appears in gray.

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How to Organize Netflix Party on Firestick?

Here are the steps to access Netflix Party on your FireStick.

Step1: Prefer a new tab on Chrome on your FireStick.

Step2: Browse the Netflix official website and log in to your Netflix account with your credentials.

Step3: Then play any content with which you want to organize a watch party.

Step4: Now the gray coloured NP icon or TP icon will turn into a red colour.

Netflix Party on Firestick

Step5: Tap on the NP icon or TP icon that’s next to the address bar of Chrome. If you didn’t find it there, then go for the Puzzle icon and choose the Pin icon next to Netflix Party (Teleparty).

Step6: Then tick the Only I have control checkbox and tap on the Start the party button.

Netflix Party on Firestick

Step7: A URL will be displayed on your screen. Share it with your friends with whom you want to watch.

Netflix Party on Firestick

Now you’ve organized the Netflix Party on your FireStick.

Note: We are not sure that the above-instructed steps will work. Because Netflix Party is accessible only on Laptops and Computers. So just give it a try. It may work for you.  If it doesn’t work, then you carry on the steps of getting Netflix Party on FireStick via the screen mirroring method.


Netflix Party is now Teleparty. As said above, you can organize a watch party on Teleparty with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, HBO Max on FireStick. The same procedure should be followed for the other streaming services. We hope that you’ve known how to get Netflix Party on your FireStick.

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