My WiFi TV on Firestick: How to Install and Watch [Updated July 2022]

Are you people in the idea of changing your cable TV subscription to an alternative? For this, we have alternatives such as streaming services, apps, and IPTV services. This write-up is especially for the ones who want to know about an interesting IPTV service. The discussion is all about the My WiFi TV App. Why is this is so interesting? Read this article on How to add My WiFi TV on Firestick to know in detail.

About My WiFi TV

MyWiFi TV is one of the best IPTV services available worldwide. IPTV allows the users to access a wide range of live TV channels in a cost-efficient manner, and so is My WiFi TV. It offers around 4k+ channels which is actually a huge number. In relation to the number of channels, it has a variety of genres such as science, news, sports, cooking, children, adult, etc… It works well with external media players. Apart from LiveTV channels it also provides the services of radio stations. This is cool right. With My WiFi TV, the users can have a seamless streaming experience. It has loads of features such as HD streaming, small app size, easy-to-use interface, etc…

Cost of My WiFi TV

The My WiFi TV offers around 4 subscription plans:

  • Plan one – costs $25/month
  • Plan two – costs $35/month
  • Plan three – costs $45/per month
  • Plan four – costs $55/per month

Each plan has different features as per its cost. So it is recommended to visit the website of My WiFi TV to know more about the features and the cost.

How to add My WiFi TV on Firestick?

Though the My WiFi TV offers a good service, it has a drawback for the Firestick users. It is so because the My WiFi TV isn’t supported by the Firestick. So official downloading isn’t possible. But why to worry when we are here! We will help you out with the alternative method, that is,  the method of sideloading.

What are the sideloading ways available?

We are going to make use of 2 sideloading methods to avail My WiFi TV on Firestick. We will be dealing with:

  • ES File Explorer App
  • Downloader App

What are the prerequisites to be taken care of?

Step1: Start off your Firestick by connecting it to your TV.

Step2: Head to Settings of the Firestick.

Step3: Choose the My Fire TV option.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step4: Under this, you should choose the Developer options.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step5: After this, it is time to enable the Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

How to install the sideloading apps on Firestick?

After completing the above steps, you have to install either the ES File Explorer app or Downloader App to your Firestick. If you already have either of the apps downloaded you can directly go to that section or do read this section.

Step1: On your Firestick, see that you have enabled a Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Go to the Search bar from the home screen.

Step3: Enter the name of the app you prefer: either Downloader or ES File Explorer.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step4: Search for it and install the app.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

How to sideload My WiFi TV on Firestick using ES File Explorer App?

After installing the ES File Explorer, users can make use of the following steps to add MyWiFi TV on Firestick:

Step1: Open the ES File Explorer App.

Step2: Choose the Downloader section.

Step3: Tap the +New button which will available at the bottom of the page.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step4: Enter the App name in the Name field as My WiFi TV.

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step5: Copy the following apk link of the My WiFi TV App in the URL field

Step6: After this, tap the Download Now button.

Step7: After downloading, open the downloaded file and tap the install button.

Step8: Launch the My WiFi TV App and Sign in and start using it on your Firestick-connected TV.

How to sideload My WiFi TV on Firestick using Downloader App?

Step1: Launch the Downloader App on your Firestick.

Step2: Under Settings, you have to enable Javascript.

Step3: Navigate to the Home Tab.

Step4: Enter the following URL link in the prescribed field

My WiFi TV on Firestick

Step5: Click the Go button and this will download the apk package.

Step6: After downloading, you will be directed to the installation page of the downloaded file.

Step7: Here hover over the install button.

Step8: Then it’s time to access the My WiFi TV on Firestick after installation.


To conclude, this is all about the different ways to add and stream the My WiFi TV App in Firestick. As an IPTV service, the My WiFi TV has grabbed the users with its exciting and amazing features. People who are in search of an IPTV service can definitely try out the My WiFi TV App for sure. Thank you for reading.

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