How to Install and Watch MLB TV on PS5? [2022]

Old is gold, is a very well-known proverb that all old people use to their upcoming generations at a certain point in time. This proverb is applicable even for Sports right. Yes, all the sports that we play, watch, enjoy today has its root some decades back. Today we are going to discuss about one such related sport. We will be focusing on MLB TV App and the way to watch the MLB Games on the PlayStation5 (PS5) console.


MLB is abbreviated as Major League Baseball. As the name suggests, it is an American Professional Baseball organization. This is one of the oldest major leagues in the world, this is because it was founded in the year 1869. It has around 30 teams under its operation. It has its own app named as MLB App itself. With MLB App, the users can have access to all the Major League’s live wherever they go. You can watch Game of the day, in-game highlights, out-of-market games, condensed games, live audio features, and more exciting features. But remember that not every feature is available for all the subscription plans. Each plan has its own features and add-ons.

Cost of MLB

Following are the subscription plans available to have access to MLB:

  • Yearly MLB.TV plan costs $105.99/year
  • Single team subscription plan costs $89.99
  • Out-of-market – All Teams costs $52.99
  • Out-of-market – Single Team costs $44.99

It is recommended to go through the subscription plans before opting for one. Also, give a close reading to the features available for that particular plan.

How to Install MLB TV App on PS5 (PlayStation5)?

Since the MLB App is supported on the PlayStation5 console, the users can add it to their PlayStation5 console very easily. Follow in are the steps to do so.

Step1: Connect your PlayStation5 to your TV.

Stel2: Enable a Wi-Fi connection to your PlayStation5 console.

Step3: Head to the home screen of your PS5 console.

MLB on PS5

Step4: Go to the Search option.


Step5: Now you can search for the MLB App.


Step6: After choosing the MLB App, click on the Download button.

Step7: Click Start on the pop-up which appears after successful downloading of the MLB App.

Step8: And further, you can start using the MLB App by signing in with your login credentials.

You can even get access to the MLB App on your PlayStation5 console very easily, just under the TV and Video section of your PlayStation5 console.

How to Watch the MLB TV on PS5 (PlayStation5)?

Step1: Launch the MLB App on your PlayStation5 console using the above-mentioned steps.

Step2: Sign in to your MLB account credentials.


Step3: Then you will reach the homepage of the MLB App.

Step4: Here you can have access to the games list.

Step5: You can choose any game from the list and stream it.

Step6: After opting for the game, the feeds of radio and video will appear.

Step7:And that’s how you can watch the games of MLB TV on the PS5 console.

Step8: If you want to exit the MLB App, just press the PlayStation button which is present on your controller.

To conclude, MLB is one of the finest ways to stream professional Baseball. And we hope that we have given the steps to watch MLB on PlayStation5 in a detailed manner. Thank you for reading.

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