How to Install Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV in 2023? [Updated]

Looking for a media player for your Smart TV? That too for free? You are at the right spot. Kodi is one such application that has won the award as well. Smart TVs have opted in order to get maximum entertainment and use out of it. But adding Kodi App will definitely make it a bit more useful. This write-up will show on How to install Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV.

Kodi is an open-source media player. This software was formerly known as XMBC and is under the XMBC foundation. Being an open medium, it streams all formats of content such as video, podcasts, music, etc.. this is because of its Graphical user interface. The Kodi App doesn’t offer any streaming content. You have to access your available content and view it or streaming it on Kodi since it is a cross-platform service. It has a very good user interface apt for the living room. And talking about its compatibility with the other apps, it is available on almost all devices.

How to Install Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV?

The steps to add Kodi on Toshiba TV vary according to the OS of your Toshiba Smart TV. Let’s know everything in a detailed manner.

Add Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV using PlayStore

Step1: Power on your Toshiba Smart TV and establish Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step2: Head to the PlayStore App.

Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV

Step3: Go to the Search box and type in as Kodi.

Kodi on Toshiba TV

Step4: From the results, choose the official Kodi app.

Step5: Go to the Kodi App info and click the Install button.

Kodi on Toshiba TV

Step6:This will add the Kodi App on your Toshiba Smart TV.

Add Kodi on Toshiba Android TV without PlayStore

If your Toshiba Android TV isn’t having the PlayStore app,  then the users can go ahead with the sideloading method.

Step1: In your Toshiba Android TV, navigate to Settings.

Step2: Under the Security option, enable Apps from unknown sources.

Step3: See that you have the Downloader App, if not the install the Downloader App.

Step4: Click open the Downloader app.

Step5: Go to the URL field and enter the apk of the Kodi app. And tap Go.

Step6: Then the app file gets downloaded.

Step7: Then open the file and tap install.

Step8: This will install the Kodi App on your Toshiba Android TV.

Add Kodi on Toshiba Fire TV

Since the Toshiba Fire TV isn’t compatible with the Kodi App, the users have to sideload it, in order to use it.

Step1: Head to the Settings section on your Toshiba Fire TV.

Step2: Go to the My FireTV option.

Step3: Under Security, enable Apps from unknown sources.

Step4: Now install the Downloader App on your Toshiba Fire TV.

Step5: In the URL space, enter the apk link of the Kodi. Then tap Go.

Step6: This will download the apk package of the Kodi app.

Step7: After this, click open the downloaded file and tap install.

Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV

Step8: As the Kodi App gets loaded on your Toshiba Fire TV, you can get access to the exciting features of Kodi on Toshiba Smart TV.

And the other alternative way is to add the Kodi App on streaming media players and associating it with your Toshiba Smart TV.

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To conclude, the Toshiba Smart TV users can make use of the above-mentioned methods to get the Kodi App. If you have any other alternative options, please do share them with us! Thank you for reading.

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