How to Install and Watch Kodi on PS5? [Updated 2023]

In our busy world, let’s take some time for exploring new pieces of stuff. Let’s get into today’s topic, which is about the usage of Kodi on PS5. Kudos to PS5 users, if you reach this article to know about the tricks to use Kodi on PS5. Consequently, we’ll start to explore the Kodi app and its streaming methods on PS5.

About Kodi

Kodi is a non-profit online streaming service, it provides us theater experience on our living space in the form of application. This Kodi application was developed and owned by Kodi Foundation. Kodi is a digital hub of entertainment that serves for free with a huge library of media content from old to new releases.

If you want to add more sprinkles of fun to your fine day, get this Kodi application. Kodi application is accessible on almost all smart devices including Android, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Linux, iOS, and Windows.

How to Install and Watch Kodi available on PS5?

Unfortunately, Kodi is not directly accessible on PS5, but favorably you can still stream it with the help of other applications such as,

  • Get Kodi on PS5 through the Plex app
  • Get Kodi on PS5 through PS Remote Play

Through the above two methods, you can easily use the Kodi on PS5.

Technique to get Kodi on PS5 through Plex app

In this first technique, you can get the Kodi through the Plex app, via utilizing the given steps below.

Step1: Swipe up on your Android Phone and Get into your Play Store.

Step2: Locate the Search tab and search for the Plex app in the Play Store.

Step3: Highlight the Plex app in the search results, click on the download option.

Step4: Install the Plex app on your Android Phone, Open the Plex app.

Step5: Create an account on the Plex app by using your Google Account to Sign up.

Kodi on PS5

Step6: Now log in to the Plex app and Prefer to stay on Trial mode.

Kodi on PS5

Step7: Get into the Settings and choose the System option then toggle on Advertise as a Server Show Camera Roll Media Network Discovery.

Kodi on PS5

Step8: Now your account is ready to use. Switch on the PS5 and make sure your Android Phone and PS5 share the same Wi-Fi network.

Step9: Move into the Home Screen of your PS5, then get into the Apps Store and Search for the Plex app.

Kodi on PS5

Step10: Install the Plex app on your PS5 and open the Plex app and Select Video and TV shows.

Kodi on PS5

Step11: Get into your Account of the Plex app with your credentials and click on Continue.

Step12: Enter the code which appears on your Console to Android phone, once you’ve logged in to your account, you can start to watch Kodi through Plex app on PS5.

Kodi on PS5

Note: if the Plex app is not accessible to you means you can use the Plex app with VPN.

Technique to get Kodi on PS5 through PS Remote Play

In this second technique, you can get the Kodi through the PS Remote Play app, follow the given steps below. This method can be applied through Android and iOS devices to get Kodi on PS5. If you use iOS device means use Cydia impactor to install third-party apps like Kodi.

Step1: Swipe on your Smart Phone whether it may be an Android or iOS device, get into the Play Store or Apps Store.

Step2: Search for the Kodi app on your Play Store or Apps Store, Highlight the Kodi app for the search results. (If Kodi app not available on your Play Store or Apps Store means use Web Browser to install Kodi from its official link)

Step3: Login to your Kodi account with your credentials. Now again get into the Play Store and search for the PS Remote Play app.

Step4: Download the PS Remote Play app to your Smart Phone and Install it.

Kodi on PS5

Step5: Now, switch on your PS5 console. Make sure your Smart Phone and your PS5 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step6: Get into the Home Screen of your PS5 console and navigate to the Settings field.

Step7: Choose the System option, click on the Remote Play tab and enable the Remote Play on your PS5.

Kodi on PS5

Step8: Login to your PS Remote Play app on your Smart Phone, when you logged into the PS Remote Play app automatically it’ll be connected to the PS5 console.

Step9: Now your PS5 is ready to stream Kodi through the PS Remote Play app.

Finishing Off

As a result of this write-up, hope you can find a way to use Kodi on PS5, using Kodi is adding more sprinkles of fun to the leisure day, if you’re a PS5 user, this article turns out to be useful info to you. We felt obliged to have your priceless minutes on this article about Kodi on PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kodi available on PS5?

Presently, Kodi is not obtainable on PS5, you can use this above-mentioned method to get Kodi on PS5.

What is the cost of the Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source free application available for streaming new releases to classics on your living space.

Is Kodi available on Android and iOS devices?

Partially yes, you can easily get the Kodi app from the Play Store through Android but on iOS devices, you can use Cydia impactor to download third-party apps.

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