How to Install Kodi on Google TV in 2023? [Updated]

A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes; yes, this article is a positive outcome for your search about Kodi on Google TV. With the help of this article, you can quickly get the Kodi on Google TV through the handy ways given below. Let’s start to hang out with our article Kodi on Google TV.

An overview of Kodi

Kodi is a great application that is used to play music, movies, TV Shows, series, and more. Then this Kodi is an open-source streaming network, and it is a free streaming service. With this Kodi application, you can watch, control and customize all the elements on your smart devices.

Then this Kodi was owned and developed by Kodi and XBMC Foundation, an award-winning open-source platform. Therefore, you can use this Kodi on Smart TV, as a Media center, Media Player software, Home theatre, Digital Video recorder, and more.

Is there a way to get Kodi on Google TV?

Absolutely, there is a way to get the Kodi‘s application on your Google TV streaming device. Moreover, you can read through this article thoroughly to learn about Kodi‘s app on Google TV.

How to Install Kodi on Google TV?

  • Get install Kodi on Google TV via Google Play Store
  • Get install Kodi on Google TV via the Downloader app
  • Screencast Kodi on Google TV via Smart Phone

These are all the ways to get Kodi‘s app on Google TV.

Procedures to Get Install Kodi on Google TV via Google Play Store

Utilize these beneath given steps of techniques to get install Kodi’s app on Google TV via Google Play Store.

Step1: For the foremost thing, pair up your Chromecast with Google TV to your Smart TV and to fast internet source. 

Step2: Then, you’ve to get intrude to the Home interface of Google TV and navigate to the search field on Topside.

Kodi on Google TV

Step3: Search field will direct you to get the Google Play Store and look for the Kodi app on the search space.

Kodi on Google TV

Step4: Initiate to install the Kodi app from the apps and games section and open it to continue to it.

Kodi on Google TV

Step5: After that, you’ve to press allow and accept the mandatory prompts to access the media contents on Google TV from Kodi.

Step6: Now, you can access all the features and other media on the Kodi‘s app Home interface and start to use it on Kodi‘s app on Google TV.

Procedures to Get Install Kodi on Google TV via Downloader app

Utilize these beneath given steps of techniques to get install Kodi‘s app on Google TV via the Downloader app.

Step1: At the beginning, you’ve to plug in your Chromecast with Google TV to Smart TV and merge with high-speed internet.

Step2: After that, move into the search field from the Home of Google TV and search for the Downloader app on the search bar.

Step3: Proceed to select and install the Downloader app from the search results to your Home screen.

Step4: Get back to the Home interface to navigate to the settings section and get into the system option.

Kodi on Google TV

Step5: Then pop on the About option and select the Android TV OS built on that screen.

Kodi on Google TV

Step6: After that, you’ve to get back to the Apps store at home and move into the Security and Restrictions tab.

Kodi on Google TV

Step7: Initiate to enable the Unknown Sources to turn it on for the Downloader app on the screen.

Step8: Now, unfold the Downloader app and allow the prompts, then confirm to delete the status.

Step9: Get into the All Apps section, look for the Kodi app on the URL field, and click on GO to install it.

Step10: At the end, you can start to use the Kodi app on your Google TV device.

Procedures to Get Screencast Kodi on Google TV via Smart Phone

Utilize these below-given procedures to get screencast Kodi‘s app on Google TV via Smart Phone.

Step1: At the start, link up your Smart Phone and Chromecast with Google TV to the fast internet source.

Step2: Now, get into the Google Play Store on Smart Phone and hunt for the Kodi app, then install it.

Step3: Proceed to intrude to the Kodi app to log in with credentials and choose upon any video on Kodi.

Step4: Then click on the cast icon on that video screen or cast option on the settings field on your Phone.

Step5: After that, combine your Smart Phone and Chromecast with Google TV by selecting its name on the merge list of your Phone.

Step6: After merging them up, you can start to use the app on Google TV devices.


Here we reached the end session of today’s article Kodi‘s app on Google TV. This application is an excellent choice to watch any media content on your Google TV streaming device. I hope this article is a bit of a benefit to you to learn about Kodi‘s app on Google TV. At this moment, I thank you for your visit to this article Kodi on Google TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put Kodi on my Google TV?

Absolutely, you can quickly put in on the Kodi application on your Google TV streaming device. Therefore, you can read through the over-given article to know more detailed explanations about Kodi‘s app on Google TV.

Where can I download Kodi for Android?

You can download the Kodi application for Android through the Google Play Store. Then you can download, install and use the Kodi application for free of cost on your Android devices.

How do I download Kodi on Google TV?

You can simply download Kodi‘s application on your Google TV streaming device because Google TV has Google Play Store as an inbuilt app store. So you can get download Kodi‘s application from Google TV.

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