How to Play Jackbox Games on Firestick in 2023? [Updated Guide]

We all love to play games. Some people may think that the best games can only be played on video game consoles. But it’s not right. If you are not ready to purchase a game console and to play a game, then this article will help you to know more about a video game. It’s the Jackbox games. Jackbox is one of the best video games which can be played even without game consoles. And you can also get it on a large screen. Let this article help you with the ways to get and play the Jackbox Games on FireStick.

Jackbox is one of the best video games. This service was initially launched as Learn Television which was based on the educational entertainment service. The founder of this service was Harry Gottlieb. Then it was relabeled as Jellyvision Games. Then it was rebranded as Jackbox Games in June 2013. You have to purchase the Jackbox games to play them. None of them have the same cost. The Jackbox games are accessible on Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and so on.

How to Purchase Jackbox Games on FireStick?

The Jackbox Party Pack series is compatible with FireStick. So you can make your purchase directly on your FireStick. This section will lead you to purchase the Jackbox game on FireStick.

Step1: Launch the Wi-Fi connection on your FireStick.

Step2: Then tap on the Lens icon on the home screen on your FireStick.

Jackbox on Firestick

Step3: Search for Jackbox.

Step4: Prefer the Jackbox Party Pack game series of your choice on your FireStick.

Step5: Then purchase the Jackbox Party Pack game on your FireStick.

Jackbox Games on Firestick

Alternative Ways

You can also follow these steps to get the Jackbox games on FireStick using Apps2Fire.

Before starting the procedure, get along with these mandatory steps on your FireStick.

  • Launch the Settings on your FireStick.
  • Then get access to Developer Options on your FireStick.
  • Now opt for ADB Debugging on your FireStick and tap Turn on.
  • Then go for the Apps from Unknown Sources option on your FireStick and hit Turn on.

Let’s start the procedure.

Step1: Install the Apps2Fire app on your Android.

Step2: Purchase the Jackbox game series of your choice on your Android from the Google Play Store.

Step3: Setup the same Wi-Fi connection on your Android and FireStick.

Step4: Launch Apps2Fire on your Android and set up your FireStick with Apps2Fire.

Step5: Prefer the Jackbox game under the Local Apps tab in Apps2Fire on your Android.

Step6: Now opt for Install in Apps2Fire on your Android to get the Jackbox game on your FireStick.

How to Play Jackbox Games on FireStick?

The following procedure will help you with the steps to play the Jackbox game on FireStick.

Step1 Launch the Jackbox game on your FireStick that you’ve purchased.

You’ll be shown a room code on your FireStick.

Step2: Browse on your Smartphone.

Step3: Attach the room code and your name in the respective fields on your Smartphone.

Jackbox on Firestick

Step4: Then opt for Play on your Smartphone.

The person who enters the room first is regarded as a VIP. He can opt for the Start Game or Everybody’s in option on his Smartphone. Those options will be available only if the room has enough players.

Then you can play the Jackbox game on your FireStick with your Smartphone.

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Final Words

The Jackbox games are available all over the world. As previously said, game consoles are not a must to play the Jackbox games. We hope that the article to get and play the Jackbox game on FireStick helped you a lot. Thanks for your precious time.

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