ITV Hub App on PS4: How to Download on PS4 Connected TV? [Updated Guide 2023]

Here is another interesting article for you. It’s all about a famous streaming service. That’s ITV Hub. ITV Hub is a popular streaming service that’s offering all the content through its free and paid versions. This article will be helpful for the ones who own a PlayStation 4 game console. We will let you know the steps to get the ITV Hub app on PS4.

What is ITV Hub?

The ITV Hub is an online streaming application that was initially known as ITV Player. The initial release of ITV Hub (ITV Player) was in 2008 and the service was relabelled ITV Player as ITV Hub in 2015. ITV Plc owns ITV Hub. The live channels you can have access on ITV Hub are ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV. And you can also have access to on-demand content, movies, and much more on ITV Hub.

ITV Hub is a free service. And there is also a paid version of the app available. It’s ITV Hub+. The paid version is for £3.99/month or £39.99/annum. ITV Hub+ allows its subscribers to get a free trial for 1 week, download content, stream with no ads, watch offline, and so on. Ads may be displayed if you’re watching live. And the ITV Hub+ subscription comes with no contract. The ITV Hub app has a huge compatibility service.

Guide to Sign Up For ITV Hub

The following is for signing up to ITV Hub through a compatible web browser. Let’s move into the procedure.

Step1: Browse on your Smartphone or PC.

Step2: Then go for the Sign in option and then for Sign up now in the browser.

ITV Hub on PS4

Step3: Now provide your personal details such as name, email address, date of birth, postcode, and a new passport for your ITV Hub account in the browser.

Step4: Read the terms and conditions carefully and agree to them by ticking its checkbox in the browser.

Step5: Then make a click on the Submit button in the browser.

Guide to Subscribe to ITV Hub+

The following procedure is to subscribe to ITV Hub+ through a compatible web browser.

Step1: Browse and click on Sign in.

ITV Hub on PS4

Step2: Log in to your ITV Hub account browser.

Step3: Then get access to your profile in the browser.

Step4: Now access the Manage account section in the browser.

Step5: Follow the on-screen instructions to provide your payment information and subscribe to ITV Hub+.

How to Get ITV Hub on PS4?

The ITV Hub app is incompatible with PlayStation 4. So you can’t directly install the app on your PS4. We have given you the procedure for screen mirroring to get the ITV Hub app on PS4. You need to connect your Speakers with your device.

Step1: Enable the same Wi-Fi network on your Smartphone and PlayStation 4.

Step2: Load the ITV Hub app and the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone and finish the initial setup.

Step3: Now get access to the Library on your PlayStation 4.

Step4: And hover over the Internet Browser on your PlayStation 4 and start it.

Step5: Then on your PlayStation 4.

ITV Hub on PS4

Step6: Open the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone.

Step7: Scan the QR code on your PlayStation 4 connected TV screen from your Smartphone.

Step8: After getting connected, tap Screen Mirroring and go for the Start Broadcast option in the Screen Mirroring app on your Smartphone.

Now your Smartphone screen is showing on your TV screen.

Step9: Go to ITV Hub on your Smartphone and it’ll be shown on your PlayStation 4 connected TV.

How to Download ITV Hub on PS4?

As of now, there is no official ITV Hub app available for PlayStation 4.

Note: This procedure can help you only if the app is available for PS4.

Let’s get into the procedure.

Step1: Allow your PlayStation 4 to connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Get access to the PlayStation Store and click on the Search icon on your PlayStation 4.

ITV Hub App on PS4

Step3: Make a search for ITV Hub and click on it on your PlayStation 4.

ITV Hub App on PS4

Step4: Then go for the respective option to install the ITV Hub app on your PlayStation 4.

Step5: Activate the ITV Hub app on your PlayStation 4 and start streaming.

Final Words

ITV Hub is one of the best streaming services available in the UK and ROI. There are over 29 million users for ITV Hub. Get the ITV Hub app on your PlayStation 4 using the procedures given above.

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