How to Stream iFollow on Smart TV? [Updated Guide]

Today, we are going to discuss a visual treat application for football lovers, here the name of that application is iFollow. This ongoing pandemic situation forced us to watch our favorite match in our home. Fortunately, if you use the iFollow application, you can have the same stadium experience at the home itself. Through this iFollow app, you can be a member of the EFL club to watch the iFollow sporting events. Now, we are going to know about the usage of the iFollow application on your Smart TV.

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A quick note about iFollow

iFollow is a sporting streaming platform, specially made for football lovers in the name of EFL which is the English Football League. iFollow is also known as EFL iFollow. Through this iFollow application, you can watch live matches everywhere you go with a stable internet connection. Not only live matches, but you can also watch the match highlights, latest sports news, behind-the-match video contents, commentary sessions, and a lot more in one source application iFollow.

Now, we are heading to know about the charges and subscription plans of the iFollow application. The iFollow platform has three sorts of passes. The first one is Video Season Pass, it costs £140EARLY BIRD PRICE! Then it can be used for the whole season of matches. The second one is Video Monthly Passes, which costs £25, and then it can be used for a month of subscription plan. Last but not least, Video Match Pass, costs £10, it can be used for a match itself. So these prices are all reasonable only, you can have all sporting video content in a one-stop destination, so grab your subscription passes for more enjoyment.

Is iFollow available on Smart TV?

If you have an idea about using iFollow on your SmartTV, These words will help you to do so. At the present moment, iFollow is not accessible through Smart TVs. But fortunately, you can download iFollow with your club-specified app through Apps Store or Play Store with your club-specified app, then you can cast iFollow through Android, iOS, and PC or Mac to your Smart TV. Here are the topics we are going to discuss below.

Steps to cast iFollow through Android devices to Smart TV

Here are the steps to cast iFollow to Smart TV through Android devices includes Smart Phones and Tablets.

Step1: Swipe up to unlock your Android Phone and get into your Play Store or Apps Store.

Step2: Then search for iFollow or EFL iFollowapp on the Search bar and download the iFollow app to your Android Phone.

Step3: Now, Install the iFollow app on your Phone and Open the iFollow application.

Step4: Click on the Sign-in option to open your profile on iFollow and Sign in with your iFollow credentials.

Step5: Move into the Settings field and opt to the Cast Icon then enable the Casting process.

iFollow on Smart TV

Step6: Consequently, your Android Phone to scan the nearby available devices, now select your Smart TV on the scanning result and pair them up.

iFollow on Smart TV

Step7: Now, select any video content of the iFollow app on your Smart Phone that video content will start to show on your Smart TV.

Steps to cast iFollow through iOS devices to Smart TV

Here are the steps to cast iFollow to Smart TV through iOS devices includes iPhones and iPads.

Step1: Get into your Apps Store or Play Store on your iPhone and Search for the iFollow app.

Step2: Highlight the iFollow app and Click on the Download option and Install it on your iPhone.

Step3: Now, Power on your Smart TV and open the Control Center of your iPhone.

Step4: Choose the Screen Mirroring option, tap it on.

iFollow on Smart TV

Step5: Here your iPhone starts the Scanningprocess for nearby available devices to cast.

Step6: Select your Smart TV on the search Scan result and couple them up.

iFollow on Smart TV

Step7: As of now, click on any video of the iFollow app on your iPhone, it will mirror your SmartTV.

Steps to cast iFollow through PC or Mac to Smart TV

Here are the steps to cast iFollow to Smart TV through PC or Mac, follow the steps given below.

Step1: Get into the Desktop of your PC and locate the Web Browser.

Step2: Click on the search bar and type iFollow in the search field then start to search.

Step3: Open the official Website of the iFollow and Sign in to your iFollow subscribed account with your iFollow Credentials.

Step4: Open your iFollow profile and click on any video of iFollow.

Step5: Select the three dots button on that web page and click on the Cast option.

iFollow on Smart TV

Step6: After Powering on your Smart TV, choose your Smart TV name on the scan results through PC.

Step7: Now, your Smart TV will start to mirror your PC screen that has iFollow videos in it.

Winding Up

This iFollow app is super useful for super sports fans to watch the super matches on your residence. Then this iFollow app has three cost-efficient subscription passes to your convenient usage of iFollow. You can choose any passes that you’re comfortable with. Make your moments happier with the iFollow application. I thought it would be a piece of useful information for those who are searching for how to use iFollow on your Smart TV, thank you and we felt pleasure for your virtual presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch iFollow on my TV?

Currently, iFollow is not accessible on TV play, but you can cast with Android, iOS, PC, or Mac devices.

How do I get the iFollow app?

iFollow is accessible on Android and iOS, so you can get it from any Apps Store, Play Store or get it through browsing from the official website of iFollow.

Do you have to pay for iFollow?

Everything comes with the price, iFollow too. You can choose any subscription pass over the three passes mentioned above, read the full article for more information.

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