How to Play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield TV? [Updated July 2022]

Most people love playing games, even some are avid game players. Playing games is a kind of a time pass, entertainment, stress buster, and what not. Games can be played physically or by making use of electronic devices. This article is all about gaming. You will be knowing, How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield TV.

Steam games

Steam is a video game digital distribution service. It is owned by Valve. It also expanded its service as an online web-based and mobile digital storefront. Apart from video gaming, Steam provides users with loads of features such as social media services, web hosting, digital rights management, cloud storage, video streaming services, and many more.

Play Steam games on the following devices: Android phone, Tablet, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

What is Nvidia GeForce NOW?

Using GeForce Now, one can play games hosted on remote services with the help of internet-based controller devices. You can play the pre-installed games or install games that you wish to play.

GeForce NOW is compatible with the following devices: Shield TV set-top boxes, PC, Google Chromebooks, Mac, Android, iOS safari browser, Korea-only LG U+ UHD Android TV box.

Cost of Nvidia GeForce NOW

There are 2 plans to avail Nvidia GeForce NOW.  They are:

  • Free Plan
    • Play games for an hour at a time
    • But have to wait for a free device to play
  • Paid Plan/ Priority
    • $8.99/month
    • The annual plan costs $89.99
    • High-end graphics, and exciting gaming experience.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield TV via GeForce NOW?

Step1: Go to your PC Web Browser.

Step2: Create a Steam account.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield

Step3: Now connect your Nvidia Shield to your TV.

Step4: Enable the same Wi-Fi connection to Nvidia Shield and TV.

Step5: Now, launch the Nvidia Games App.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield

Step6: Now, navigate to Settings on the left side menu palette.

Step7: Tap the Log in option.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield

Step8: On your Nvidia Shield TV, an activation code appears.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield

Step9: Browse the following link on your Web browser:

Step10: Now, enter the activation code you got on your Nvidia Shield TV screen.

Step11: After the process of logging in, go for GeForce NOW.

How to play Steam games on Nvidia Shield

Step12: Go through the library and check whether Steam is installed.

Step13: Get to the previous screen and go to the Type section.

Step14: Now, choose GeForce NOW option.

Step15: Choose any game and tap Play.

Step16: Click your Steam account and enjoy playing your Steam games on Nvidia Shield TV.

Tip: Using a keyboard and mouse while playing games will help you in winning your games easily. This is because you can have easy control over your Games and over your TV as well.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, Steam games are being preferred by a variety of gamers because of their wide range of games and exciting gaming experiences. By making use of GeForce NOW you can play multiplayer games as well.

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