How to Play Music on Spotify on PS5? [Updated 2023]

What to do if gamers love to listen to music while playing? It will be like playing on one device and listening to music with the other device. This sounds like double work, double data, double trouble I guess. But what if we can give you the solution for this! The solution is the Spotify App. Still, confused? Then do read this article on How to add Spotify on PlayStation 5 (PS5) to learn more.

About Spotify

Spotify is an audio streaming service from Sweden. It owns the fame of being the largest music streamer. Due to this, it has many scores of uses across the globe. To talk of music programming, Spotify users get to stream music and podcasts from a wider range of artists and albums.  The programming content is also from all over the world. It has all features such as play, pause, skip, etc… And it comes with digital copyrights restrictions and stuff. And the Spotify app even comes in a lite version named Spotify lite.

Cost of Spotify

Spotify lets its users enjoy Spotify in 2 ways: free service and premium service.

Free service comes with ads, a limited number of skips, with few more restrictions.

Premium service is free from all the restrictions. It offers offline listening, audio downloading, no ads, etc…

Premium service costs $9.99/month and it comes with one month free trial period.

How to Play Music on Spotify on PS5?

Spotify is one of the top choices for music lovers. Now talking about the Spotify app availability on PlayStation 5, it is available, that is, it is going to be very easy to acquire Spotify on PS5.

How to add Spotify on PlayStation 5?

Step1: Start your PlayStation 5 by joining it with your TV.

Step2: Provide it with an internet connection.

Step3: Go to the Media section.

Step4: Opt for All Apps.

Step5: You have to surf for Spotify and choose the Spotify App.

Spotify on PS5

Step6: Then proceed with downloading the Spotify App.

Spotify on PS5

Step7: Launch the Spotify App and Log in with the required info if not Sign up.

Spotify on PS5

Step8: The go for Link Accounts. By this process, you will be logging into Spotify in your PlayStation 5 without manual login whenever you operate your PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 users can have an uninterrupted and fun-filled experience of gaming and music with the Spotify app and with the following features:

  • Spotify button– The PlayStation 5 media remote comes with a button exclusively for Spotify. All actions required to access and control Spotify is easily available.
  • Spotify Connect–This particular feature is interesting as it allows the users to listen to music as well as play games. This will help you in accessing the Spotify app from your Mobile phone.
  • Control Center – This feature will let the users to have quick access to Spotify easily. Easy operation between game and music is easy with this.
  • Media Home –This Media home lets you to install the Spotify App easily on your PlayStation 5.

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To conclude, the Spotify app is one of the go-to music apps. This is because of it’s both free and paid service. It has even more collections of music albums, podcasts, etc… With Spotify, one can also listen to music or even download the song if needed. Hoping that this article on Spotify and the ways to add it to your PlayStation 5 has enlightened you. Thank you for reading.

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