How to Delete My IMVU Account? [Updated June 2023]

Social media sites help us to get connected with new people and our closest friends. And they are increasingly available. IMVU is a service that is one of the best social media services. IMVU lets its users be in contact with new people and their closest ones. But people may want to delete their social media platform due to personal reasons. Whatever the reasons, we are here to help. If you’re willing to delete your IMVU account, then go through this article. Let’s proceed further to learn how to delete an IMVU account.


The IMVU service is a social media platform. The IMVUservice was launched in the year 2004. The founders of IMVU were Will Harvey, Eric Ries, Marcus Gosling, and Matt Danzig. The IMVU service allows people to be in contact with their closest people, find new people, chat with them, participate in forums-like communities, create games, play games, purchase what you want, design virtual products & earn money, and much more.

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Guide to Delete IMVU Account

The only way to delete your IMVU account is using a web browser on your devices like Smartphones and Desktops. This section will clearly explain the steps to delete your IMVU account in simple terms.

Step1: Launch a web browser on your device.

Step2: Browse in the browser.

Step3: Login to your IMVU account in the browser.

Delete IMVU Account

Then you’ll be on the account deletion page in the browser.

Step4: Now append your IMVU account password.

How to Delete IMVU Account

Step5: Then opt for the Continue button in the browser.

Then wait until you receive a success message describing your account deletion. That’s it. Now you’ve deleted your IMVU account.

How to Delete IMVU Account


How to reactivate imvu account?

The following section will help you to reactivate your deleted IMVU account. Let’s start.

You had been received an email from the IMVU team regarding your account deletion. It consists of the recovery link to reactivate your deleted IMVU account. If you don’t have the email, then you need to create a new one to get the IMVU service.

Step1: Open the email app.

Step2: Make sure that you’ve signed in to the email address from which you had registered for IMVU.

Step3: Open the email from the IMVU team which was sent when you had deleted your IMVU account.

Step4: Opt for the recovery link in the email.

Step5: Go further by following the on-screen instructions and reactivate your IMVU account.

How to sign up for IMVU?

Let’s start learning the procedure to sign up for IMVU.

Step1: Browse the official website of IMVU in the browser.

Step2: Now tap on Get Started for Free in the browser.

Step3: Opt for your gender in the browser.

Step4: Then finish your avatar looks by choosing from Avatars, Wearing, Skin, Head, Hairstyle, and Eyes in the browser.

Step5: Now go for Customize Clothing and get done with your avatar outlooks by choosing from Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, Looks, and Shoes in the browser.

Step6: Then go for the Create Account option in the browser.

Step7: Now append an avatar name, email address, a new password, date of birth in the browser.

Step8: Then opt for Create Account in the browser.

Now you’ve signed up for an IMVU account. You can do this in the IMVU app on your Android.

How to sign up for VIP Club Membership in IMVU?

Step1: Browse in the browser.

Step2: Now pick a VIP plan of your choice.

Step3: Then choose the credits if you want. Or go for the No Credits option in the Credits category.

Step4: Now in the Upgrades category, tick the VIP Membership checkbox and check whether the plan is the same plan that’s chosen before.

Step5: Then opt for a payment method and provide your payment information.

Step6: Now go for the Process Order option.

Wait for the confirmation that you’ve signed up for VIP Club Membership in IMVU.

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Final Words

The IMVU service is one of the best social media platforms. It’s also interesting to use the IMVU service because of its 3D avatar features. We hope that you have learned the steps to delete your IMVU account. Thanks for reading.

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