Delete iFunny Account: How to Delete iFunny Account in 2022 [Updated]

Social networking sites help us to be connected with people who are close to our hearts and find new people. And the social networking sites will also allow you to watch posts like memes, videos, GIFs, and so on. iFunny is one such site where you can relax by getting posts like memes. But people may want to delete their iFunny account for which they have their personal reasons. If you are one of the people who are looking for a way to delete the iFunny account, then this article can help you. Let’s get into the article to learn how to delete the iFunny account.


iFunny is an online service that is more similar to a social media platform. The iFunny service will let its users get posts like videos, memes, GIFs, and many more. iFunny helps people to share their memes, videos, GIFs, chat and subscribe to others, and much more. And the registration process is not mandatory in iFunny. But if you need to chat with others and want others to subscribe to you, then you must have an iFunny account. You can install the iFunny app on your Android phone and iOS.

Guide to Delete iFunny Account

As said before, you may have your personal reasons to delete your iFunny account. Whatever the reason, you can go through our article and learn the steps to delete your iFunny account.

  1. Deactivate iFunny account in iFunny app
  2. Delete iFunny account by sending email

How to Deactivate iFunny Account in iFunny App

Here comes the procedure to delete your iFunny account using the iFunny app.

Step1: Install the iFunny app from the respective app store.

Step2: Sign in to the iFunny app with your iFunny account credentials.

Step3: Now access your Profile icon in the iFunny app.

How to Delete iFunny Account

Step4: Hover over the Settings and Privacy option and select it in the iFunny app.

How to Delete iFunny Account

Step5: Then opt for Account and then go for the Deactivate account option in the iFunny app.

How to Delete iFunny Account

Step6: Now go for the Deactivate option in the iFunny app.

Step7: Then append your iFunny account password in the iFunny app.

Step8: Now confirm your account deactivation in the iFunny app and get your iFunny account deactivated.

How to Delete an iFunny Account by Sending Email

The upcoming procedure is to help you with the steps to delete your iFunny account by sending an email to the iFunny support team.

Step1: Open the email app.

Step2: Tap on the Plus icon to write an email in the email app on your device.

Step3: Then attach [email protected] in the To bar in the email app.

Step3: Now append Requesting to delete my iFunny account in the Subject bar in the email app.

Delete iFunny Account

Step4: Then write further your username, the email address that’s related to your iFunny account, and the reason for deleting the iFunny account in the email app.

Step5: After composing the email as mentioned in the above-given steps, tap on the Send icon in the email app.

It’ll take up to 2 to 3 days to delete your iFunny account.

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Sample Email to Delete iFunny Account

Dear iFunny Support Team,

I am (your name).

I am a user of the iFunny service with a registered account. (Your username) is the username of my iFunny account. And my iFunny account was registered with (your email address that’s related to your iFunny account). I had the best time with your iFunny service. I wish to delete my iFunny account permanently for such personal reasons. Hope that your team will take respective actions to delete my iFunny account permanently and remove my personal information from your database. I wish not to keep in contact with your newsletters anymore. I hope you will understand my situation and take action. If your team needs any queries regarding my iFunny account deletion, you can contact me with (attach my email address and phone number).

Thank you,


(Your name)

(email address)

(contact number)


How to sign up for iFunny?

Here comes the steps to sign up for iFunny.

Step1: Browse the official website of iFunny in the browser.

Step2: Then opt for the login option in the browser.

Step3: Now tap Sign up and append your personal information like your name, email address, and a new password in the browser.

Step4: Then accept the terms and conditions of the iFunny service in the browser.

Step5: Do the captcha and tap Sign up in the browser.

How to upload videos in iFunny?

This section will help you to upload videos in iFunny.

Step1: Open the iFunny app on your device and log in to your iFunny account.

Step2: Then tap on the Add Meme button in the iFunny app.

Step3: Opt for the Videos section in the iFunny app.

Step4: Then opt for a video to upload. It can be up to 20 seconds and must not be beyond 32Mb.

Step5: Then tap the respective option to upload the video to your iFunny account.

How to delete comments in iFunny?

Here are the steps to delete the comments in iFunny.

Step1: Get access to the iFunny app or browse its official website.

Step2: Login to your iFunny account.

Step3: Tap and hold the comment that you want to delete in iFunny.

Step4: Now opt for Remove if it’s other’s comment in your post. Or opt for Delete if it’s your comment.

Final Words

iFunny is an online service like a social media service. The term iFunny itself proves that it’ll be more fun to use the service. And we have given the ways to delete the iFunny account and additional information regarding the iFunny service. Learn the steps from our article to do so. Thanks for reading.

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