Flixster on Apple TV: How to Install and Watch [Updated 2023]

We are presenting this write-up for movie lovers. This may be a kind of caution because the app we are going to discuss about is been designed and put forward just for the people who are in madly love with movies. This movie streaming app is named as Flixster. And this article will elaborate on How to watch Flixster on Apple TV.


Flixster is a social media platform exclusively designed for movie lovers. Using Flixster App is the easiest way to stay updated about movies, tickets, showtimes, reviews, and a lot more. The service of Flixster is been associated with Rotten Tomatoes. Apart from updates, you can even lookup for movies to watch and buy tickets. To detail about Flixster, it is the app that offers the details you need before watching a movie, you can purchase tickets, the platform to watch movies. The feature of tickets purchasing is under Fandango. You can download the movies you wish to watch and stream them whenever you feel like it. This app is very handy, isn’t it?  And also free to use.

Is Flixster on Apple TV?

As we all know the Flixster App isn’t supported by many platforms. This applies to Apple TV as well. There is no official Flixster app that is available in the AppStore of Apple TV. If this is the case, what can we do then? Nothing to worry about. It is our part to give you the solution. We have an alternative way to do this, the Casting method.

How to Watch Flixster on Apple TV using AirPlay

Step1: On your iPhone/ iPad, you have to install the Flixster app using the AppStore.

Step2: Associate your Apple TV with your TV.

Step3: Connect your Apple TV to the Wi-Fi connectivity to which you have connected your iPhone/ iPad.

Step4: Now on your iPhone/ iPad go to Control Center.

Step5: Locate and click the Screen Mirroring.

Flixster on Apple TV

Step6: This will enable the Screen mirroring feature on your iPhone/ iPad.

Step7: Your iOS device searches for devices to screen mirror.

Step8: As the list appears, opt for your Apple TV.

Flixster on Apple TV

Step9: Now you have to type in the AirPlay Passcode which you get on your TV screen.

Step10: Open the Flixster App on your iOS device and have fun streaming it on your Apple TV-connected TV.

How to Get Flixster on Apple TV using Android Smartphone?

You can go ahead with whatever third-party app you desire to use. In this method, we will be making use of the AllCast App.

Step1: To begin with, you have to add the Flixster App to your Android Smartphone using the PlayStore.

Step2: And as above said, we need the AllCast App. To install it as well.

Step3: Enable the same Wi-Fi connection between your Android Smartphone and Apple TV.

Step4:Open the AllCast App.

Step5: And the list of devices to cast appear.

Step6: Choose your Apple TV.

Step7: Open the Flixster App on your Android Smartphone.

Step8: And start watching Flixster on your Apple TV-connected TV.

The Last Note

To end, we guess that you might have got the outline of the Flixster App as the app with some kind of exclusive features. But there are even some minor flaws that needed to be rectified. The users can give Flixster a try as it is free. And then it is the user’s desire to continue the Flixster app streaming. Hoping that we have answered the question of using Flixster on Apple TV. Thank you for reading.

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