FiOS TV on Apple TV: How to Get and Watch (Updated June 2023)

Streaming services have become a part of our life. People just get rid of their Cable TV service and run behind the streaming platforms, due to their streaming of updated on-demand video content. This is great right! And there are loads and loads of streaming services. This write-up will talk about FiOS TV and the way to watch FiOS TV on Apple TV.

About FiOS TV

FiOS TV is offered and owned by Verizon. It is an online streaming service like any other service which offers live TV, top shows, movies, sports, on-demand content, and a lot more. FiOS TV can be preferred for all ages because it has content from a wide range of genres and categories. It has all the basic features such as DVR storage, bookmarking for future use, favorites, offline watching, and more. You can stream it anywhere and anytime you want! Provided there is FiOS TV service in that particular geographical region. You can also use FiOS TV with its internet service and home line.

Cost of FiOS TV

FiOS TV comes up with the following subscription plans but the exciting feature is that you can have your personalized channel lineup.

  • FiOS TV Test Drive planoffers more than 425 channels for $56/month.
  • Your FiOS TV plan offers more than 150 channels for $56/month.
  • More FiOS TV plan offers more than 300 channels for $76/month.
  • The Most FiOS TV plan offers more than 425+ channels for $96/month.

Guide to Add FiOS TV on Apple TV

FiOS TV isn’t supported on Apple TV. But it is available on other iOS devices. But if you are desperate enough to watch and use FiOS TV on Apple TV, you can look for the alternate option of screen mirroring / AirPlay.

AirPlay FiOS TV on Apple TV

Step1: Install the FiOS TV App on your iPhone/ iPad using the AppStore.

Step2: Then, tap and open the FiOS TV App.

Step3: Sign in with your FiOS TV account credentials.

Step4: See that you have connected your Apple TV to the Wi-Fi network to which you have connected your iPhone/ iPad.

Step5: And now, you have to go to the Control center of your iPhone/ iPad.

Fios TV on Apple TV

Step6: Locate the Screen Mirroring and click it.

Step7: Your iOS device now searches for devices AirPlay.

Step8: Your iOS device will list out the devices.

Step9: From this, choose your Apple TV.

Step10: After few moments, you can see that your Apple TV-connected TV will mirror your iPhone/ iPad device screen.

Step11: Open the FiOS TV App and play the program you wish to watch and get it streamed on your Apple TV.

Fios TV on Apple TV

Final Words

To end, the users can try FiOS TV if they like the channel lineup and features. But before subscribing for FiOS TV, it is important that the users should remember that the available streaming content will vary according to the device you use to stream FiOS TV. Other than this there are no other major issues in streaming FiOS TV. Hope you found your way out to get it on your Apple TV. Thank you for reading.

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