How to Stream on Facebook from PS5? [Updated March 2022]

PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a video game console. It was developed by Sony. You can not only play games but also access streaming services and connect with your social community on social media platforms. And here today, we are putting forward the information of Facebook on PlayStation 5. You all know about Facebook, and its features and services. Facebook is the social media to connect you to the social world. We are here today to provide the steps to get Facebook on PlayStation 5.

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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service developed by Mark Zuckerberg. It was developed on 4th February 2004. You can share, like, comment on posts, chat with friends, send and receive friend requests, follow your favorite celebrities on their pages. You can limit your audience for your posts, receiving friend requests by accessing the settings of Facebook. The user can see the posts of your friends and the pages you follow. You’ll get notifications about the posts, friend requests, and all related to your Facebook account.

Is Facebook Available on PlayStation 5?

A specific Facebook app is not available for PlayStation 5 game console. So you can’t get a Facebook app on your PlayStation 5. But you can access Facebook on PS5 by accessing the web browser. In PlayStation 5, you can’t access the web browser directly. In our article, you’ll get the steps on how to get Facebook on PS5.

How to Get Facebook On PlayStation 5 by Linking to Twitter?

You can get Facebook on your PlayStation 5 by linking your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5. This procedure is accessible if anybody on Twitter has shared Facebook’s official website. Let us move to the procedure.

Step1: Allow internet access to your PlayStation 5.

Step2: Access the Settings Gear icon on the home screen of your PlayStation 5.

Facebook on PS5

Step3: Choose the Users and Accounts option and then click Link with Other Services.

Facebook on PS5

Step4: Pick Twitter and then prefer the Link Account option.

Step5: Then tap on the Twitter Logo.

Step6: Now Log in to Twitter account.

Facebook on PS5

Step7: As said already, this procedure will succeed if anybody on Twitter has shared the official website of Facebook. You just tap on the Facebook website, then you’ll be taken to the Sign-in page of Facebook.

Step8: Sign in to your Facebook account.

Now Facebook is accessible on PlayStation 5.

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How to Get Facebook on PS5 by Messages?

To get Facebook on your PlayStation 5 game console by sending messages to your friend, here are the steps.

Step1: Allow internet access to your PlayStation 5 game console.

Step2: Press the PlayStation button on your PlayStation 5 controller. This will direct you to the Control Centre.

Step3: Pick Game Base and then choose a Friend.

Facebook on PS5

Step4: Then hit on the Messages option.

Facebook on PS5

Step5: Now click on the View Messages option.

Step6: Type the following URL:

Step7: Then click on the Send option.

Step8: Tap on the URL you have sent to your friend just now.

Step9: Now you’ll be taken to Google’s web page. Search for Facebook and select the official website of Facebook.

Step10: Now you’re on the Sign-in page of Facebook. Sign in to it.

Now you are in your Facebook account on your PlayStation 5.

Share Game Clips And Screenshots of PlayStation 5 to Facebook?

Before starting the process, you need a USB drive. We have provided the steps to share game clips and screenshots of your PlayStation 5 to your Facebook account.

Step1: Connect the USB drive to your PlayStation 5 and turn on your PlayStation 5.

Step2: Record a game clip or capture a screenshot on your PlayStation 5.

Step3: Access the Media Gallery under the Games tab on your PlayStation 5.

Step4: Tap on the Select icon and then choose the game clips and screenshots you need to share.

Step5: Click on the three-dotted icon ().

Step6: Select Copy to USB Drive and then choose Copy.

Step7: It will take a while. After copying, click Ok.

Step8: Turn off your PlayStation 5 and remove the USB Drive from your PlayStation 5.

Step9: Attach the USB Drive to your computer and turn on your computer.

Step10: Allow your Computer to connect to the internet.

Step11: Browse for Facebook and then sign in to your Facebook account.

Step12: Follow the steps for posting images and videos on Facebook.

Now you’ve posted the game clips and screenshots of your PlayStation 5 on Facebook.

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Facebook is the social media service to share your stuff via posts and get connected with your friends and social community. PlayStation 5 may not have a dedicated Facebook app, but even there is a possibility to access Facebook on PS5 game console. Getting Facebook on PlayStation 5 game console is so simple. And we have provided the procedures to get Facebook on PlayStation 5 game console. We hope you are satisfied with our procedures.

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