How to Get and Use Discord on Xbox One? [Updated 2023]

Being connected with the people you want is the way you can’t feel that you’re distanced. And not only with the people who are long distanced from you, but also for the people who are your colleagues, fellow mates and so on. Discord can help you to do all those things and more. You may want to be connected with the people who are just like you in gaming on home video game consoles. And it can be done easily on Xbox One. You can know the procedure from this article. Here is the procedure to get Discord on Xbox One.

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About Discord

Discord allows you to be connected with people through calls, messages, and so on. You can connect with a particular person or to a community called Server. Discord service is not only for gamers but also for all people. The initial and stable release of Discord took place on 13 May 2015 and September 15, 2020. Discord was originally designed by Hammer & Chisel, Inc. You can do many things on Discord including voice calls, video calls, audio messages, text messages, video messages, share files in private or server, create and join a server, stream, and much more to go. Discord can run harmoniously on the following platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Web Browsers.

Can you get Discord on Xbox One?

Discord is not available on Xbox One. Still, you can get Discord on Xbox One using many ways. The essential thing that you need to do is just follow the given procedures to get on your Xbox One.

How to Get Discord on Xbox One Via Web Browser?

You can access your Discord account on your Xbox One by using a web browser. We have given the steps to get on your Xbox One via a web browser.

Step1: Connect your Xbox One and your TV and switch on them.

Step2: Equip your Xbox One with the internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Step3: Access Microsoft Edge on Xbox One.

Discord on Xbox One

Step4: Browse the given link:

Discord on Xbox One

Step5: Login to your Discord account with your email address or phone number and password associated with your Discord account.

Discord on Xbox One

Step6: Now you’re in your Discord account on your Xbox One. Do what you want and be happy to have Discord on your device.

How to Get Discord On Xbox One Using Quarrel?

You can get on your Xbox One using Quarrel. Let us start the procedure.

Step1: Make sure you’ve connected your TV and Xbox One.

Step2: Switch on them and provide the internet connection to your Xbox One.

Step3: Tap the Store option on Xbox One.

Discord on Xbox One

Step4: Search for Quarrel and select it.

Step5: Now choose the Get option and it will starts to download.

Discord on Xbox One

Step6: After downloading it, launch and open the app.

Step7: Login to your Discord account.

Step8: Now your Xbox One is ready to use Discord on it.

Note: You can get Discord on Xbox One using Quarrel with such limitations. The limitations include voice calls and messages only. You can face some troubles while using Quarrel on your Xbox One. You can’t receive or make video calls in Discord on Xbox One while using Discord through Quarrel.

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How to Link Discord on Xbox One?

We have given the steps to link Discord to your Xbox One.

Step1: Hit the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller.

Step2: Choose the Settings Gear icon and pick the Settings option.

Step3: Prefer the Account option and then select the Linked Social Accounts option.

Discord on Xbox One

Step4: Choose the Link option under the Discord section.

Discord on Xbox One

Step5: Now choose the Link Account option. Now you can see a code on your Xbox One connected TV with certain letters. Make note of it.

Step6: Install the Discord app on your Smartphone from the respective AppStore and open it.

Step7: Register or log in to your Discord account.

Step8: Click on the Hamburger icon and then choose the Settings Gear icon.

Discord on Xbox One

Step9: Pick the Connections option and then choose Add.

Discord on Xbox One

Step10: Choose Xbox Live from the available list.

Discord on Xbox One

Step11: Enter the Xbox One connected TV code in the respective field.

Step12: After the verification process, your Discord account will link to your Xbox One.

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Final Verdict

Discord has more than 250 million active users. Discord is available in 27 languages. And getting Discord on your device is very easy. You are aware that you can get Discord on Xbox One too from our article. We hope that our article will be very useful to you.

Thank you!

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