How to Download and Install Discord on Xbox 360 in 2023?

Nowadays, distance doesn’t matter. Because there are so many services allowing you to get connected with the people with whom you are close in heart and long in distance. You are allowed to connect with people via voice calls, video calls, messages, and so on. In that way, Discord is the service you can do those things. And getting Discord on your device isn’t a big deal. You can get Discord on your home video game consoles too simply by following our given procedure. Here we have provided steps to get Discord on Xbox 360.

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What is Discord?

Discord is the service to connect with the people you want via voice calls, video calls, messages, and so on. You can share any files with a particular person or to a community (here it’s called  ‘Server’). The initial release of Discord was held on 13 March 2015. The stable release of Discord took place on the 15th of September, 2020. Firstly, Discord was started and focused on gamers. Then it started to focus on the general audience. And it reached a larger audience. There are more than 250 million users available for Discord. You can get Discord on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPad, and Web Browsers.

How to Get Started on Discord?

The following procedure will guide on how to get started on Discord.

Step1: Install the Discord app on your Android or iOS from the respective AppStore.

Step2: After launching the Discord app on your Android or iOS, open it.

Step3: Choose the Register option.

Step4: Now attach your username, email address or phone number, and a password.

Step5: Then choose to create an account.

Step6: You’ll be verified with your provided email address or phone number. This can help you to recover your account.

Now you’ve created a Discord account.

Is Discord available on Xbox 360?

You can’t get a dedicated Discord app for Xbox 360. But you can use it via a web browser. It’s easy to access your Discord account on your Xbox 360 from a web browser. You can do it easily with our below-given procedure.

How to Download and Install Discord on Xbox 360?

To install on your Xbox 360 using a web browser, get along with the following steps.

Step1: Associate your TV to your Xbox 360.

Step2: Turn them on and connect your device to the internet.

Step3: Go to Microsoft Edge on your Xbox 360.

Discord on Xbox 360

Step4: Browse

Discord on Xbox 360

Step5: Enter the email address or phone number of your Discord account.

Discord on Xbox 360

Step6: Attach the password of your Discord account.

Step7: Then hit on the Login option.

Now you’re in your Discord account on your Xbox 360.

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How to Join a Server on Discord?

Step1: Firstly, Sign in to your Discord account on your device.

Step2: Press the Green Plus icon.

Step3: Choose to Join a Server.

Step4: Attach the link in the Invite Link Bar which was sent to you by your friend.

Step5: Then tap on Join Server.

Or you can also follow the below-instructed steps to join a server on Discord.

Step1: Sign in to your Discord account on your device via a  dedicated Discord app or web browser.

Step2: After that, click the link sent by your friend to you.

You have now joined a server on Discord.

How to Delete A Discord Account Permanently on Xbox 360?

We have given the steps to delete the Discord account. Before deleting your Discord account, you need to transfer the ownership of the server or delete the server if you own a server. Or you’ll be asked to do it in the middle of the deletion process.

Step1: Sign in to your Discord account on your Desktop.

Step2: Access the Settings Gear icon.

Step3: Choose the My Account section.

Step4: Then tap on the Edit option.

Step5: Tap the Delete Account option.

Step6: After that, Enter your Password and the code for verification, and then press Delete Account.

Note: Code will be asked only if you have enabled the 2-factor authentication.

Now your Discord account is deleted permanently.

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Discord is the platform where you can get connected with the people you need and share your messages and files with them in private or on servers. We have provided the procedure to get Discord on Xbox 360.

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