How to Install and Watch DirecTV Stream on Samsung Smart TV in 2023? [Updated July]

On our preferred devices, we have countless ways of streaming our favorites. Our most expedient way for streaming our favorites is online. Today in this article we are going to glimpse about DirecTV Stream. It is one of the supreme streaming services where you can enjoy your favorites online. The article will comfort you in learning the techniques of installing and streaming the DirecTV Stream on Samsung Smart TV.

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About DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is a multi-video streaming service that encompasses live TV, on-demand video, and cloud DVR recording. The service from DirecTV Stream comes with a set-top box and remote control but we can also stream this using a mobile app. Like traditional cable TV, it complete experience on local channels, live news, sports, and on-demand movies. If needed you can subscribe to the premium channel also. The set-top box of DirecTV Stream is powered by the Android TV operating system of Google. We can stream up to three devices at once on DirecTV Stream. For streaming the service of DirecTV Stream, it demands high-speed internet.

Cost and Subscription plans:

It offers various subscription plans for the customers for enjoying their favorites online. The following are the subscription plans offered by DirecTV Stream:


  • 65 channels with 40,000 on-demand shows to pick and for a month, it costs $69.99.
  • If needed you can select the two-year contract plan that costs $59.99 per month for the first year and for the second year, it raises to $93 per month.


  • 90 channels with 45000 on-demand programs and encompasses a year of HBO Max.
  • For a month, it costs $84,99 and if you have chosen the two-year contract plan, you have to pay $66.79 for one year and move to $111.80 per month after one year.

Optimo Mas:

  • 50 Spanish language channels and 40 English channels
  • 25,000 on-demand titles and a year of HBO Max. T
  • The two-year contract costs $64.99 for the first year and $86 per month for the second year.


  • 120 channels with 50,000 on-demand titles and a year of HBO Max.
  • Two-year contract. For the first year $76.79 for every month, and for the second year, you have to pay $125.80 for every month.


  • 30channels, 55,000 on-demand titles with a year of HBO Max for $94.99 per month.


  • 140 channels, 65,000 on-demand titles, and a year of HBO Max.
  • For a month, it costs $139.99 per month.

How to install DirecTV Stream on Samsung Smart TV

Those who have Samsung Smart TV in their home can able to install and enjoy the features of DirecTV Stream. For installing DirecTV Stream, follow the steps given below:

Step1: With the remote control of your Samsung Smart TV, click on the Smart Hub button.

Step2: Then you are directed to the Samsung home hub where you can find the search button.

DirecTV Stream on Samsung Smart TV

Step3: Type DirecTV Stream on the search box.

Step4: Download the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step5: Touch the open, once your app is installed.

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Alternate method to stream DirecTV Stream on Samsung TV:

Step1: Using the play store, install the smart things app on your smartphone.

DirecTV Stream on Samsung TV

Step2: Check whether your smartphone and Samsung smart TV are connected to the same network.

Step3: Now, instigate the smart things app and touch the add device on your home screen.

DirecTV Stream on Samsung TV

Step4: Touch the Samsung Smart TV and for connection, enter the pin.

Step5: For watching the smartphone screen on the Samsung Smart TV, click the smart view option.

Step6: Download the DirecTV Stream app from your play store and instigate the app.

Step7: For streaming the live TV shows and on-demand content, sign in with your account.


Hope you understand about installing the DirecTV Stream app on your Samsung smart TV. Don’t forget that DirecTV Stream is accessible only on some televisions. Thanks for your reading.

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