Curzon App on Firestick: How to Download and Install [2022]

Various streaming services available to entertain people by providing Live TV, Videos on-demand, TV Shows, Series, Documentaries, Movies, and much more. But we are here to know more about a movie-providing streaming service. Movies are categorized in a large list such as Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Thriller, and much more. There is a streaming service that serves all category movies that are recently released. That is Curzon Home Cinema. Curzon is an online movie streaming service. This article is to provide the steps on how to install Curzon App on FireStick.

What is Curzon App?

Curzon Home Cinema is an online streaming service for movies. With a dedicated Curzon app, you can watch movies online on your desired device if it’s compatible with Curzon. The Curzon movie service starts as Curzon on Demand in 2010. It was relabeled as Curzon Home Cinema in 2013. In 2015, more than 60 European movies were distributed. Curzon was the owner of Curzon Home Cinema. But then the acquisition of Curzon Home Cinema by Cohen Media Group was in 2019. The Curzon service is available only in the UK and Ireland.

Curzon allows you to watch movies with a pay-per-view fee. There are no monthly or annual subscription plans available in Curzon. Curzon Cinemas membership is not mandatory for accessing Curzon Home Cinema. But if you own a Curzon Cinemas membership, you’ll have certain features and discounts on movie rentals. Curzon Cinemas members can watch 12 movies per month for free in Curzon Home Cinema. The Curzon app is accessible on Windows Desktop, Mac, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Android phones, iOS.

Is Curzon Available on FireStick?

Yes, the Curzon app is available on the firestick and you can install it directly. So there is no need to follow remote methods like screen mirroring, sideloading, or casting. Go through our article to get the steps on how to install the Curzon app on FireStick.

Guide to Install Curzon on FireStick

As said before, you can directly install the Curzon app on your FireStick. This procedure will help you to install the Curzon app on FireStick.

Step1: Turn on the internet or Wi-Fi connection on your FireStick.

Step2: Go back to the home screen on your FireStick.

Curzon App on Firestick

Step3: To access the search feature on your FireStick, click on the Magnifying Glass icon on the home screen of your FireStick.

Step4: Type in Curzon to perform a search for the Curzon app on your FireStick.

Curzon App on Firestick

Step5: Then from the search results, pick the Curzon app on your FireStick to get into the details page of the app.

Step6: After highlighting the Curzon app from the search results, click on Get to install the app on your FireStick.

Step7: Wait for a few seconds until the installation process takes place.

Step8: Then launch the app on your FireStick after the installation.

Curzon App on Firestick

Step9: Sign in to your Curzon account in the Curzon app on your FireStick. If you’re a Curzon Cinemas member, you can use the email address and password of the Curzon Cinemas membership. And you don’t need to enroll your Curzon Cinemas Membership ID if you have your email address of the Curzon Cinemas membership account.

Step10: Choose your favourite movie and start streaming Curzon on FireStick.


Curzon Home Cinema is a service that gives people access to a large number of movies with a pay-per-view cost. The Curzon app lets you download the app on your desired device if it’s compatible with the Curzon app. Do follow the steps to install the Curzon app on your FireStick by getting along the above-given procedure. We hope that the article will be useful to you.

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