CNBC on Apple TV: How to Install and Watch [Updated 2023]

This article will be very useful for sure. It is important to know what’s happening in and around the world. But it is more important to know about trading and market data to know the economy and financial state that is ruling the world. And if you are a person belonging to the financial sector, then you are at the right place. We will be discussing about CNBC news TV channel and the ways to Watch CNBC on Apple TV.

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About CNBC

CNBC is a news channel that has the main purpose of streaming Business News in America. It is under NBCUniversal and Comcast group. As stated above, the CNBC pay-TV news channel offers business-related news, documentaries, and reality shows. The users get prime time news, market data, stock details, shares with exact information and details. You even get news clips, politics news, trading data, cryptocurrencies, track events and news in a customized way, and what not. CNBC is available on a variety of platforms such as cable TV provider, Satellite and Radio, streaming media, IPTV.

Cost of CNBC

CNBC is a Pay TV news channel. But you don’t have to pay separately for CNBC. It comes with your cable TV subscription itself.

  • If you are using the CNBC official app, then you can use the already existing cable TV provider credentials to stream it.
  • If you are using any other streaming services, then you have to use the streaming service credentials ad start using CNBC.

Guide to watch CNBC on Apple TV

CNBC is an official app on Apple App Store and hence the Apple TV users can have easy access to CNBC.

Step1: Associate the Apple TV with your TV.

Step2: Establish internet connectivity to your Apple TV.

Step3: Navigate to the Apple App Store on your Apple TV.

CNBC on Apple TV

Step4: Search for the CNBC app.

CNBC on Apple TV

Step5: Opt for the CNBC app and install it.

CNBC on Apple TV

Step6: After installation, click open the CNBC app.

Guide to Activate CNBC on Apple TV

Step1: Open the CNBC app on your Apple TV connected TV.

Step2: Go to the Settings section.

Step3: As you have to Sign in, you have to use your cable TV provider credentials.

Step4: Then you will see the activationcode on your Apple TV.

Step5: Now, use any other device and visit the following website:

CNBC on Apple TV

Step6: Here you have to select your TV provider.

Step7: Then carefully enter the activation code you got on your Apple TV.

Step8: Then tap the Continue button.

Step9: You will be redirected to your TV provider’s website to confirm your account.

Step10: And that’s all you have successfully activated CNBC on Apple TV.

Step11: Then it’s time to stream CNBC on Apple TV without any issues.

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What are the alternative ways to stream CNBC on Apple TV?

Rather than adding a new app to stream CNBC, the users can go ahead with the already existing streaming services which offer CNBC as a part of their service in the name of different subscription plans. Or you can even just cast CNBC from your Android or iOS Smartphones. The list of streaming services that offer CNBC and compatible with Apple TV are:

  • AT&T TV Now
  • Chromecast
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

The above-mentioned streaming services offer CNBC as a part of their subscription plans. You have to choose the subscription package which offers CNBC, then only you can have access to watch CNBC on Apple TV using the streaming services.

Final Words

To end, CNBC serves as a go-to option for people who want to stream financial news stations. It is a better platform to know about stock markets, shares, and whatnot. If you are a person in the finance sector, then with no doubts you should opt for CNBC. And hope you are clear with the above-mentioned ways to stream CNBC on Apple TV. Thank you for reading.

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