Cmore App Chromecast: How to cast Cmore App to TV? [Updated 2022]

Like any other streaming service, there is another streaming service named C More. C More is a pack of entertainment that provides sports, movies, and series. Like any other streaming service, it tries to captivate the users with its exciting features. And it is somewhat gaining its momentum. Let us know more about C More and the ways to Chromecast Cmore App on TV.

What is Cmore?

CMore is a streaming service offered by C More Entertainment AB. The main focus of C More is to stream the best movies, series, and live sports. And most importantly, it is available on the go, which means you can watch C More anywhere and at any time. The streaming library of C More constitutes more Swedish movies and series. It has even ad-free streaming in the streaming of TV4. Talking about live sports streaming, it comprises football, golf, basketball, track events, etc… It serves as a total entertainment package for the users.

Cost of Cmore

CMore can be availed by different means by using a TV provider or just by subscribing to C More. C More costs DKK 99/month. One good thing about C More is it offers 2 weeks free trial period.

Guide to Chromecast Cmore App to TV

The CMore App lacks availability on few streaming devices and Smart TVs. It implies that C More App is confined to limited devices and the users can go ahead with Chromecast to get it streamed on their TVs. Read more to know in detail. We will be dealing with 3 ways to Chromecast C More:

  • Using Android Smartphone
  • Using iPhone/ iPad
  • Via PC Web Browser

You can Sign in with any of your digital TV provider credentials  which offer C More.

Steps to Chromecast Cmore App to TV using Android Smartphone

Step1: Launch the C More App on your Android Smartphone from the Google PlayStore.

Step2: Sign in with C More credentials or Sign up for it.

Step3: Connect your Android Smartphone and Chromecast device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step4: Now, go to the C More App and click the movie/show you wish to watch.

Cmore Chromecast App

Step5: You can see the Cast option on the top and tap it.

Step6: Your Android Smartphone searches for the available casting devices.

Step7: From the list, click your Chromecast device.

Step8: You will your chosen video content getting casted on to your Chromecast connected TV.

Steps to Chromecast Cmore App on TV using iPhone/iPad

Step1: Install the C More App on your iPhone/ iPad from the AppStore.

Step2: Sign in with your C More login info or Sign up for one.

Step3: Install the Chromecast Streamer App on your iPhone/ iPad from AppStore.

Step4: Now, ensure that you have provided the same Wi-Fi connection to your iOS and Chromecast device.

Step5: Tap the Cast option on the Chromecast Streamer app.

Step6: Now, you have to click your Chromecast device.

Step7: Click Connect.

Cmore Chromecast App

Step8: Now you should choose the Screen Mirror option and click the Start Broadcast option.

Chromecast Cmore App

Step9: Your iOS screen will stream on your TV. So now, open the C More App on your iOS and have happy streaming of it on your TV.

Chromecast Cmore App

Steps to Chromecast Cmore App on TV using PC Browser

Step1: Open the Web Browser of your choice on your Windows/ Mac PC.

Step2: Confirm that your PC and Chromecast device is connected to the same Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step3: Now, on your PC navigate to the Menu icon in the Web Browser.

Step4: Here choose the Cast option.

Cmore Chromecast

Step5: Click the Cast tab and choose the Cast desktop option.

Cmore Chromecast App

Step6: Now your PC’s screen will cast on your TV.

Step7: Now go to the official website of C More and Sign-in or Sign up for C More.

Step8: Play any movie/show off your wish get it streamed on your TV.

To conclude

To end, many Smart TVs have access to C More but some major Smart TVs do not have access to it.  And hope you find the above-mentioned Chromecast methods show you the way to get C More on your TV. Thank you for reading.

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