How to Connect Chromecast with Xfinity WiFi in Public or Private? [2022]

The purpose of our lives is to be fulfilled and happy; here is an amazing article to have the fulfilled experience to get to connect the Chromecast’s device to the Xfinity WiFi. By using this write-up, you can easily find the solutions to use the Google Chromecast Xfinity WiFi for both public and private.

An overview of Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a multi-purpose streaming device that can be used as a casting device, streaming device, digital media player, and more. This Google Chromecast device was developed and manufactured by Google and it has a 4K Ultra HD streaming display for Google TV also.

Then this Google Chromecast device supports Google Cast technology then also used to access the Google search engines and other applications on Google Play Store. Henceforth, you can buy this Google Chromecast device for the cost of $35 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation, and audio and the Ultra Chromecast for $69 and Google TV for $49.99, you can buy it at per your convenience.

About Xfinity Wi-Fi

Let us now consider the Xfinity Wi-Fi which is the public internet provider for the Xfinity users and it can be used by the Xfinity Hotspots. This Xfinity Wi-Fi can be used in public places, and business locations, and also can be used in the home then this is one of the most efficient Wi-Fi providers.

Then this Xfinity Wi-Fi cap can be used for the five simultaneous subscribers of Xfinity. And in Florida, this Xfinity Wi-Fi can be used by non-Comcast subscribers also. Therefore the subscription plans for the Xfinity Wi-Fi are listed below.

Connect plan costs $19.99/month with 50 Mbps

Connect More plan costs $39.99/month with 100 Mbps

The fast plan costs $49.99/month with 300 Mbps

The superfast plan costs $59.99/month with 300 Mbps

Ultrafast plan costs $69.99/month with 600 Mbps

The Gigabit plan costs $79.99/month with 1,200 Mbps

Gigabit Pro costs $299.95/month with 3,000 Mbps

Is there a guide to connecting Chromecast with Xfinity Wi-Fi?

Indeed, we have described a finely picked guide to connecting the Chromecast with Xfinity Wi-Fi. And, so you can use the given steps carefully to attain a connection between Google Chromecast and Xfinity Wi-Fi.

Guides to connect Chromecast with Xfinity Wi-Fi

You can have these underlying guides to connect Chromecast with Xfinity Wi-Fi, they are

  1. Steps to connect Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot on Phone
  2. Steps to connecting Chromecast with the Xfinity Public Wi-Fi
  3. Instructions to connecting Chromecast with Xfinity Phone or Private Wi-Fi

By utilizing these guides, you can connect Chromecast with Xfinity Wi-Fi.

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Guide1: Steps to connect Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot on Phone

You can use this first guide’s steps to connect to Xfinity Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Phone.

Step1: Primarily, use your Smart Phone then lead into the Settings section and navigate into the Wi-Fi tab.

Step2: Now, get into the available network and choose the nearest Xfinity Wi-Fi then connect it to it.

Step3: After that, a search engine then opens it to the Xfinity Sign-in page and uses the link which is

Step4: Choose the Comcast Business account and enter its essentials like ID and Password.

Step5: And, you’ll get the Xfinity business site on your Phone.

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Guide2: Steps to connecting Chromecast with the Xfinity Public Wi-Fi

You can use this second guide’s steps to connect Chromecast with the Xfinity Public Wi-Fi.

Step1: Formerly, take your Phone with a functioning internet connection.

Step2: Then, initiate the installation of the “Wi-Fi Pass” by Cyber Crate Keeper 2000 and navigate to the Google Home app.

Step3: Now, lead into the Google Home app’s Home screen then get into the TV option and enter into the Chromecast screen.

Step4: After that, you’ve to select the Setup option then click Continue and the screen shows the “Successfully Connected to the Chromecast”.

Step5: Meanwhile, that screen will ask you for an access code to you then click Yes to choose the Guest Mode.

Step6: Furthermore, turn on the Chromecast screen and get back into the Setup page to click Continue.

Step7: Afterwards, the Mac address will display on the screen and note it then click OK, Got it.

Step8: Here, choose the Xfinity Wi-Fi and tap on OK to open the Wi-Fi Pass app then select Another device.

Step9: Now, insert the Chromecast MAC credentials which may be name, email, or Password then clicks the Xfinity login page.

Step10: Then choose the $0 complimentary pass and the screen shows the device you choose has a connection.

Step11: Lead into the YouTube application and the Chromecast box will display.

Step12: Or it won’t display means use the Crackle app then restart your device with close all your pages on the device.

Step13: As of now, insert the 4-digit PIN on your Chromecast Home screen on your TV.

Step14: Thus, start to use the Xfinity Wi-Fi on your Google Chromecast device.

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Guide3: Instructions for connecting Chromecast with Xfinity Phone or Private Wi-Fi

You can use this third guide’s instructions to connect Chromecast with Xfinity Phone or Private Wi-Fi. With this, you can use the hotspots or use Wi-Fi around your Home to use the Chromecast device.

Step1: Here, you can use your phone, then get into the Settings and choose the Wi-Fi option.

Step2: Now, enter the password in the required space, and then you’ve used another phone to connect internet from the first phone.

Step3: After that, head to the YouTube app to click on the cast icon then connect it with PIN.

Step4: If you use Google Home and activate guest mode in Settings to enter the PIN and Connect.

Step5: Hence, you can now use the Chromecast with Xfinity Phone or Private Wi-Fi.

Last Lines

Therefore, we are now getting into the last lines field to conclude this fine post for the connecting process of Xfinity WiFi on Google Chromecast. I thought this article will give you all the guides to using the Xfinity WiFi on Google Chromecast devices. Henceforth, we are cheerful about getting your support in this post for Chromecast Xfinity WiFi.

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