How to Chromecast Steam Games using Android, iOS, and PC? [2022 Updated Guide]

To all game freaks, we have today come up with a web-based gaming platform named Steam. Like video streaming services, you can stream Steam games to your TV. To play Steam Games on your TV, there are many possible ways are available. This article will elaborate on How to Chromecast Steam Games on TV.

About Steam

Steam is an online gaming platform owned by Valve. Steam is a platform to buy, discuss, rent, etc.. about PC games. More than video gaming, Steam also offers web hosting, video streaming services, social media services, and a lot more. It has a cloud-based gaming library that lets the users to play and enjoy Steam. As a user, one can have access to a larger collection of games by just downloading the Steam App and games.

Cost of Steam Games

Steam Games ‘cost varies according to the games you wish to play. There are

  • free-to-play games
  • Low-cost games of $1
  • High-cost games of $60

You have to pay only for the game not for the Steam App.

Chromecast Steam Games via Android to TV

Step1: Download and Install the Steam App on your Android from PlayStore.

Chromecast Steam

Step2: Open the Steam App and Sign in to it.

Chromecast Steam

Step3: Couple your Smartphone and  Chromecast to the same WiFi.

Step4: Go to the Notification panel.

Step5: Locate and click the Cast option.

Chromecast Steam

The name Cast alone varies with respect to the device.

Step6: From the list of casting devices, choose your’s from the list.

Step7: Now you can Chromecast Steam from your Android.

Chromecast Steam Games via iOS to TV

Step1: Download and Install the Steam App on iOS from AppStore.

Chromecast Steam Games

Step2: Open the Steam App and Sign in to it.

Step3: Download and Install the Chromecast Streamer app from the AppStore.

Step4: Give the same home wifi connection to your Chromecast and iOS.

Step5: Now, connect your Chromecast device.

Chromecast Steam

Step6: Click the Screen mirror mode.

Chromecast Steam

Step7: Now, adjust the resolution, bitrate, sound.

Chromecast Steam

Step8: Tap Start Mirroring and then tap Start Broadcast to cast.

Step9: Go ahead with casting Steam from your iOS.

Chromecast Steam Games via PC to TV

Step1: Open the Chrome Browser on your Mac / Windows PC.

Step2: Give the same home wifi connection to your Chromecast and Mac / Windows PC.

Step3: Go to the Menu icon.

Chromecast Steam Games

Step4: Select the Cast option.

Chromecast Steam Games

Step5: Go to Source and click the Cast Desktop option.

Chromecast Steam Games

Step6: Select your Chromecast device from the list.

Step7: Your PC will be casted on your Chromecast-connected device.

Step8: Now, visit the following link on your PC:

Chromecast Steam Games

Step9: Sign in with your Steam login credentials.

Step10: Enjoy Steam on your TV via Chromecast using PC.


What are the alternative ways to use Steam on TV?

If you aren’t feeling good about using Chromecast, you can go ahead with the following methods.

  • Using Apple TV
  • Using Google TV
  • Via Steam link (Hardware)
  • Using HDMI streaming
  • Nvidia Shield TV streaming
  • Generate Steam link using Raspberry Pi 2 or later

Final Words

To end, Steam users can use the above-mentioned casting methods. Steam users should remember that Steam Store games can be played only on Steam Network. And one more best part is that Steam gives offers where the games can be purchased at low cost.

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